SparkPlug 1 - Drone Technology

Applications for the first SparkPlug event have now closed. SparkPlug 1: Drone Technology focused on drone solutions that could create new value for Queenslanders, either by improving how we deliver services, or through new efficiencies and cost savings.

For the purpose of the event, a drone was considered any remotely controlled or autonomous aircraft, underwater craft or land vehicle.

The Queensland Government sought applications from organisations with innovative drone solutions that could create new value for Queenslanders.  Solutions could be either hardware, or software which supports the use of drones. Applications were prepared for a broad audience. Applicants were advised to consider how their solution could be of benefit to multiple Queensland Government departments or service areas.

Drone operation/piloting services, as well as education and training on the operation of drones, were not considered in scope for this event. 

Pitch event – SparkPlug 1: Drone Technology

On 10 May 2019, five startups presented their solutions to government decision makers at the SparkPlug 1 pitch event. 


Whole of Government Drone Management 

FlyFreely have developed a software platform to help organisations manage drones at scale. The platform allows the management of internal drone operations, as well as the tools for external drone operators to request permissions or approvals in and around sites controlled by government agencies. 

Contact: David Cole

National Drones

SmartData informing decisions, increasing safety and reducing costs across asset planning and maintenance life-cycles

National Drones provide high resolution and accurate mapping and modelling software backed by machine-learning.  This platform can be used to undertake detailed reviews of physical assets of any size or complexity, including conducting condition assessments, environmental inspections, and fault inspections. 

Contact: Liza Mackenzie


Artificial Intelligence (AI) audits of Power Distribution/Transmission infrastructure

SiteSee use drones and a proprietary AI solution to automatically inspect power infrastructure. This automated equipment detection and auditing of all energy equipment on towers without any human interaction can reduce operation and maintenance costs, leading to lower energy prices for all Queenslanders. 

Contact: Lucio Piccoli


Unmanned Airborne RF Measurement Platform 

SixArms allows public safety agencies and other owners of Government Wireless Networks to commission and validate their radio frequency systems using drones with greater efficiency, accuracy and safety. 

Contact: Jason Schreiber 

V-TOL Aerospace

Drone AI Deep Learning Visualisation Solutions in Government 

V-TOL have designed and manufactured drone platform and software technology since 2009. Their artificial intelligence (AI) solution has the capability to process large visually based datasets to provide accurate and actionable business intelligence and scalable geospatial analytics. 

Contact: Mark Xavier

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