Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Innovation

Creating pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and innovators to turn their ideas into reality.

The Advance Queensland Deadly Innovation Strategy seeks to deliver jobs and economic wealth for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

It creates pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and innovators to turn their ideas into reality, so they can build wealth and create jobs.

It empowers communities to activate their traditional values of participation and innovation, through embracing positions of current strength in culture, land, water and business for the benefit of all.

The Queensland Government will help our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business leaders and innovators access the experts, inspiration and opportunities to generate new ideas and grow their sector.

We will do this by harnessing relationships, strengthening respect and creating opportunity.

Read our Deadly Innovation Strategy

We invite all Queenslanders to read the full version of Deadly Innovation Strategy. The strategy outlines the three core aims that have been identified for action:

  • Aim 1: Government will hear, by identifying and supporting a pathway for Indigenous businesses and innovators to achieve success.
  • Aim 2: Government will share, by broadening access to existing opportunities.
  • Aim 3: Government will activate, by securing funding and backing feasible deals.

Read the strategy

Read our mob-friendly Deadly Innovation Strategy

For a snapshot of the Deadly Innovation Strategy, have a look at our mob-friendly summary. In a single page, you can view the three core aims and relevant Actions. Check out the snapshot and download a copy today.

Read the mob-friendly strategy

Stay Informed

Stay informed on the achievements of the Deadly Innovation Strategy via this website, our Advance Queensland Medium blog, our social media channels and the Advance Queensland eNewsletter.

Acknowledgment of Country

We pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors of the land and sea, their spirits and their legacy. The foundations laid by these ancestors—our First Nations peoples—gives strength, inspiration and courage to current and future generations, both Indigenous and non‑Indigenous, towards creating a better Queensland.



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