Closed programs

The following programs are no longer available for application. Advance Queensland is focussed on fostering innovation in Queensland, and continues to provide support and funding across industry.

You can find out more about our current programs and funds here.

Advancing Regional Innovation Program

Encourages innovation across Queensland and supports local economies to create jobs for regional Queenslanders.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PhD Scholarships

Supporting Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander scholars in gaining a research PhD degree to lay the foundation for a future research career.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellowships

Supporting PhD qualified Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander researchers in undertaking original research that will benefit Queensland.

Advancing Regional Innovation Program

Encourages innovation across Queensland and supports local economies to create jobs for regional Queenslanders.

Biofutures Commercialisation Program

Supports bioindustrial experts to partner with Queensland researchers and businesses to scale-up and test new or improved technologies and processes at the pilot or demonstration scale.

Business of Entrepreneurship Program (BDO)

A startup growth and financial education program for founders of early-stage, high growth companies in Queensland.

Commercialisation Partnership Program

Places Queensland innovators in Chinese incubators to collaborate with global expertise, access top facilities and accelerate commercial outcomes.

Community Digital Champions

The Community Digital Champions provided opportunities for volunteers to share their experiences and encourage others in the community to explore the benefits digital technologies can bring to their lives. The campions came from all over Queensland to promote, network and collaborate.

Create Queensland

Provides creative YouTubers with funding, production resources and expert support to develop high-quality digital content, and reach new global audiences.

Deadly Deals

Deadly Deals provides grants to support Indigenous businesses and innovators to undertake the next step in the development of a product, process or service to market.

Female Founders Evolve Program

Supporting Female Founders in regional and outback Queensland.

Female Founders Mission

Provides funding support for up to 5 regional female founders to attend the Startup Catalyst Female Founders Mission in London.

Founders' Fellowships

Supports researchers, scientists and clinicians to develop their innovations into practical commercial outcomes, and to access appropriate support.

Growing Queensland's Companies

Supports ambitious CEOs and executives of Queensland firms with high-growth potential to lead their businesses to the next level, improving profitability and performance.

Hot DesQ

Attracting international and interstate entrepreneurial talent to boost Queensland’s startup ecosystem and broaden our global connections.

HYPE SPIN Accelerator

The accelerator program gave Australian startups fast tracked access to global brands, international clubs and global sportstech mentors within a sports dedicated accelerator program.

Industry Accelerator Program

Offers programs to help high growth small and medium sized enterprises and potential startups fast track ideas from concept to commercialisation, positioning participants to successfully market their products and services to leading edge customers.

Innovation Partnerships Grants

Positions Queensland as a global innovation hub with grants to Queensland research organisations to collaborate on research projects with industry.

Integrated Care Innovation Fund

Supporting innovation to improve the patient journey through cooperation between GPs, hospitals and primary health networks.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Quick Fire Challenge

Drives innovative health research and development in Queensland with a top prize for winning ideas in pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer healthcare.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships program

Builds collaboration between universities and small business by bringing on a university graduate to work on an innovative project.

Mental Health for Founders program

Free mental health consultations for Queensland-based founders.

MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Bringing MIT Bootcamps to Brisbane to run a week-long intensive bootcamp for budding entrepreneurs.

Pathways Scholarship Program

Supporting Queenslanders to complete vocational education and transition into university studies in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) industries.

PhD Scholarships

Supporting scholars in gaining a research PhD degree to lay the foundation for a future research career.

Queensland Startup Events and Activities Fund 

The fund built capability within Queensland's startup community with funding of up to 50% of total activity costs.

Regional Angel Investors Support Program

Linking investors with entrepreneurs to create new economic opportunities and jobs in Queensland’s regions.

Regional Startup Hubs Support Program

The Regional Startup Hubs Support Program aims to support regionally based startup hubs and groups in Queensland to build their capability to deliver programs and activities to attract, inspire and build the knowledge and skills of local innovators.


The Small Business Innovation Research program supported innovators to develop and test new, commercially viable solutions to complex Queensland Government challenges.

Small Business Digital Grants Program

The Small Business Digital Grants Program assists small businesses to access digital technologies and services to help them work smarter, engage with the global economy and make the most of online business opportunities arising from digital disruption.


Provides Queensland-based startups and small-to-medium enterprises with an opportunity to present new solutions to Queensland Government decision makers.

Sport Science Challenge 

The Challenge supported the development of new products, technology or processes that benefit sporting performance and participation in sport.

Startup Catalyst

Provides unparalleled opportunities for mission participants to experience some of the world's leading innovation hotspots through immersion programs.

STEM.I.AM Program 

The program aimed to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students pursuing science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) at university through targeted engagement activities for young people.

Testing within Government 

Supported Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to improve the positioning of their ICT products to address business problems, while collaborating with the Queensland Government.

Women's Research Assistance Program (WRAP)

The Advance Queensland Women’s Research Assistance Program supported women in maintaining their research careers and consequently encourage retention of female researchers in their chosen profession in Queensland.

Young Starters’ Competition 

The Young Starters' Competition helped young people connect with leading innovators, develop business skills and get a startup idea ready for investors.

Young Starters’ Fund 

The Young Starters' Fund was designed to build, attract and retain young entrepreneurial talent, and build entrepreneurial and startup skills in young Queenslanders.