Backing Female Founders Program

Supporting Queensland's female founders to grow and scale their Queensland innovation businesses.

What's important

About the program

The Backing Female Founders Program builds on the first phase of the Female Founders Program launched in May 2019, providing a suite of initiatives to grow and scale Queensland innovation businesses founded by women. To date more than 1,550 female founders have benefited from the program.

The program assists female founders at different stages of the entrepreneurial lifecycle and will incorporate several initiatives to address barriers in the youth, startup, scaleup and global stages of the innovation pipeline.

The program is targeted at female founders in innovation who are:

  • female entrepreneurs and innovators
  • established female-founded businesses and companies
  • investors
  • industry business associations
  • part of the Queensland innovation ecosystem.

How can the Backing Female Founders Program support you?

Two key initiatives: 

Opportunities for female founders to participate in successfully funded programs will be promoted at a future date.

Initiatives already completed:

  • The Female Founders Advisory Board Program delivered skills and exposure to effectively engage with advisors and establish best practice governance and advisory foundations to support business growth. Visit this webpage for information on participants, case studies and a wrap-up of the Best Practice Roundtable for Supporting Female Founders event. 

More information

Connect with Advance Queensland through our social media channels and stay up-to-date with the latest activities as initiatives are rolled out throughout the three year program.


Advance Queensland Female Founders LinkedIn group has been established to connect Queensland Female Founders to opportunities, networks, events and other supports to take their business to the next level.