Regional Innovation Showcase 2019

Our regional innovators and entrepreneurs attended QODE to to be inspired and learn from local and international speakers, and connect with other attendees and exhibitors to identify collaboration opportunities across Australia, Asia Pacific and beyond.

Advance Queensland provided funding to bring regional innovators from our 12 regions to QODE and provided Regional Innovation Showcase opportunities in previous years to showcase their innovative products and services to the local ecosystem and the world.

Our strong delegation included Indigenous innovative businesses participating in the Regional Innovation Showcase. 

Regional Innovation Showcase businesses

Darling Downs, Maranoa and Toowoomba
Eurah Australia Eurah Australia is an Aboriginal owned and operated business that manufactures and sells organic health products including tea and honey from local bush medicinal plants within the Gomeroi Nation.
Turnkey Bi Pty Ltd Turnkey BI has a goal to empower the user to make business-changing impact by enabling complex data discovery for everyone, not just the data scientist.
DHM Environmental Software Engineering Pty Ltd Climate diary is a first-of-its-kind App combining cloud, sensor and manually-entered agri‑climatic data to empower farming decisions using IoT, AI and crowd-sourcing technologies.
NGE Pty Ltd FridgeBrain is revolutionising vaccine storage with real-time SMS alerts and automated data logging to an online portal, reducing the risk of vaccine spoilage and simplifying compliance for GPs, pharmacies and hospitals. 
Active Physio Online Active Physio Online provides online physiotherapy consultations so you can gain professional advice for your injury, without leaving your home. 
Far North Queensland
Allaro Homes Koorca app enables police to see what is happening in an emergency situation.
Gathar Fierce Ventures provides world class design and development services to Australian based startups
Community Owned Enterprises Icarian Development is a software development company that builds integrated solutions for NQ businesses.
Easy Comply Pty Ltd Easy Comply provides fully automated maintenance management software, eliminates complex administration and knowledge-intensive decision making.
GreenKPI GreenKPI is a subscription based sustainability SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that automates the functions of providing business sustainability management action plans, metrics, monitoring and reporting.
BondBack BondBack is Australia’s first national instant quote and booking platform for guaranteed end of lease, bond cleaning services. Elect to make small weekly payments when you begin to rent a property.
TB2 BBQ Smokers FNQ Kettle Kone transforms your kettle style charcoal BBQ, providing more cooking options to cook a variety of food healthily, without the need for added oils and fats. 
All Fish For Dogs P/L All Fish for Dogs manufactures a range of dog treats and chews using under-utilised fish and fish waste. We aim for 100% use of wild caught fish resources. This helps the environment, the fishing industry and the dogs of the world to receive nutritional treats and chews.
Biscuits and Milk Pty Ltd Biscuits and Milk produce applications for people to manage the increasing information affecting their lives. Our premiere release is an online tool for the management and coordination of care for people with disabilities.
CQ Nutrition CQ Nutrition’s bulk billing dietitians have developed a web app to change behaviour of our clients in an affordable, scalable way using a subscription business model.
Speaking Styles Speaking Styles is a startup helping people become pro communicators to Empower Inspire Change. We provide globally customised, 1:1 virtual coaching in Australia and the United Kingdom, as well as Soft Skills Team Training for success.
PLF Australia PLF Australia (Precision Livestock Farming) designs and delivers ‘best-of-breed’ sensor-based automation and real-time management information for agricultural operations. We are based in Emerald, Central Queensland.
Conveyor Innovations International CII is developing an intelligent conveyor roller that monitors heat, vibration and operating hours. The signals can be read on an IOS or android device or accessed via the cloud.
EconomX A strategy-based platform for regional content. The platform was created as a technology-based solution, to implement contemporary and collaborative regional content practices.
Jeremy Hastings Trading as Igloo As a company breaking new ground and created a one of a kind solution for the residential tenancy market.
Gold Coast
Virtual Psychologist Virtual Psychologist provides 24/7 mental health services and coaching by professionally qualified staff via SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Chat services.
Suncayr Suncayr SPOT My UV is a skin mimicking SPOT telling you when your sunscreen is no longer protecting your skin. SUN SAFETY SIMPLIFIED.
SecureStack SecureStack ensures your cloud deployments are always hardened for security, have centralised logging, monitoring and alerting, and are continually patched, monitored and updated. SecureStack: We Secure Your Cloud.
MobileDigital Marketing Pty ltd MobileDigital was founded in Queensland. Our SNIPERTM portal is a world first DIY web platform enabling organisations to curate, personalise, contextualise and send visual messages direct to mobile text inboxes. 
Cake Cake helps all kinds of companies manage their equity, making it simple and fast. Whether you want to raise capital faster or manage your investors better - Cake makes it easy.
ISR Training ISR Training is a multi-award-winning sales training organisation. Founders Ryan and Jack proved their sales ability by adding Dr.Glen Richards, Steve Baxter and Andrew Banks from channel Ten’s Shark Tank, to the ISR board in 2018.
Virtual Manager Virtual Manager is a software company that develops innovative software platforms for businesses to resolve issues such as employee mismanagement, task delegation, labour inefficiencies and asset theft and misplacement.
I Love Reading I Love Reading is an innovative literacy program designed to facilitate the rapid learning of reading. Fostering both academic and social and emotional skills, ILR empowers early learners to quickly grasp and apply literacy skills.
Little Phil Little Phil is the neat new way to give charitably. Philanthropists are smart, successful people who choose to give on their terms – they have control over their donation. With Little Phil, you aren’t merely a donor, you’re a philanthropist!
Noy Industries Noy Industries offer an innovative solution, focused on safety, environmental awareness and effective results. Servicing the Aviation, Agriculture, Government and Defence sectors, we provide a safer solution for controlled management of birds and wildlife.
Ipswich and West Moreton
Squizify Squizify is a B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) software platform to monitor and control food safety within food businesses. Our software enables businesses to better understand critical food safety metrics within their own businesses.
StandInBaby StandInBaby® (SIB) is the world’s first and only newborn training aid with engineered joints that mirror range of movement of a real newborn baby
Urban Doc UrbanDoc provides access to medical services via mobile apps. Our App can be used for requesting a home visit, phone or video consultations, scripts, referrals and medical certificates.
BioHerbicides Australia BioHerbicides Australia is an innovative Australian start-up company established to develop, manufacture and commercialise environmentally safe chemical and biological herbicide products for control of woody weeds.
Tagai Management Consultant Tagai Management Consultants specialises in procurement and supply chain management, stakeholder engagement, business advisory services. We want to gain insights and partners in areas of ML, VR, AI as it applies to supply chain Management, indigenous cultural sustainability and social impact.
Hogarth Arts Authentic Aboriginal Arts products and souvenirs. Hogarth Arts aims to spread authentic village indigenous culture around the world and not fake art.
Shielded Socks In 2018, Tanieka, a then year nine student at Springfield Central State High School won the inaugural Queensland MAYK competition, an entrepreneurship program that developed, Shielded Socks, a social business who supports adolescents who struggle with bullying or mental illness.
Weldalloy Pty Ltd Weldalloy has taken an innovative approach and developed a different material type to use in the manufacture of hose protection, hose spiral, protection plugs and caps in hydraulics and machinery equipment.
Keidges Farm Machinery The Aussie post driver has been developed to speed up and make fencing more efficient for farmers and graziers and reduce physical strain to the people involved with fencing. We have machines working in most states of Australia and are looking to expand internationally.
Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday
Artemis Intelligent Robotic Systems Artemis have discovered a way to use robots to test the structure of pylons without getting wet. Our Artemis robot crab walks up and down pylons scanning the structure inside and out.
Athol Tech AtholTech is a digital heath technology company with a purpose. Our mission is to help healthcare providers feel more connected to decisions they make. We aim to give healthcare providers the ability to control their life by providing tools and resources to master work-life balance
Tyeware Tyeware’s 12 year portfolio boasts internationally recognised systems MiWater and MYH20 system – created for Mackay Regional Council – now used by 18 Australian water utilities to manage smart water meters and provide direct access to water consumption.
QIT Plus QIT Plus was founded in 2007 by Chris Madsen and Phillip Glindemann, following Cyclone Larry and Cyclone Monica in 2006, we developed the first version of Guardian and commercialised the program. Our Guardian software suite provides intuitive disaster management software and incident management solutions.
Active Adrenalin Active Adrenaline works with individuals and leaders to achieve personal goals along with teams and businesses to optimise productivity, collaboration, resilience and safety performance in the workplace.
M and P Services M&P Services have developed mobile crib rooms to reduce light vehicle movements on mine sites. The crib rooms can be moved to the coalface easily, improving safety outcomes on site. M&P Services are currently developing mobile crib rooms for the emergency service sector to be used in time of natural disaster.
Health Stuff and Junk At Healthy Stuff n Junk, we believe fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. We make all the ‘stuff’ you wish you had time to make, with a focus on fresh, quality ingredients with minimal processing. Food is more than just fuel and Healthy Stuff n Junk is tackling the snack food industry one healthy treat at a time.
Carbon Friendly Enterprises Carbon Friendly Enterprises (CFE) delivers energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. We’ve designed, engineered, procured and constructed more than 300 solar projects to deliver more than 2.8 Gigawatts of electricity into the Australian NEM Grid annually.
Moreton Bay
Surepact SurePact is a risk identification and mitigation solution helping businesses mitigate the immediate and compounding risk during the delivery of projects and contracts.
Commsync Commsync connects those at risk to those that care. Individual tailored risk plans are programmed into the CommsynAlert risk management platform and risk plans are activated through wearable and App technology.
Parent TV ParentTV is a video streaming platform personalising parenting advice from the world's leading evidence-based parenting experts direct to parents via any digital device. Think Netflix for parenting resources.
Deuar Pty Ltd Deuar Pty Ltd specialises in the research and development of the most innovative power pole asset management technologies. Our prime products and services include a number of pole inspection, analysis and testing technologies.
Solar Bollard Lighting Solar Bollard Lighting are an award winning 'Innovative Solar Lighting' design and manufacturing company that have exported to over 35 countries to date. We are also the only AMCL certified ‘Australian Made and Owned’ solar lighting technologies in Australia.
Myoni Group Pty Ltd The Myoni cup is free from bleaches, BPA plastic, latex and other nasties. Our Australian made and owned product replaces hundreds of disposables, saving time, money and waste.
REID Industrial Graphic Products Reid Industrial Graphic Products are an established manufacturer of innovative, flexible printed electronic products for a diverse range of markets and industries locally, nationally and internationally.
Impacts Solar Impacts delivers cost-effective, process heat and steam for agribusiness and industry. Our first patented Perflection collector is the world's first mass-production Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) solution for low-cost industrial-scale solar heat.
North Queensland
Solar Relief Pty Ltd The Solar Relief PPS is a solar charged battery system with a pure sine wave inverter which is portable and able to be used in a variety of applications.
Little Brother Queensland Pty Ltd Koorca's App revolutionises personal and public safety by empowering everyday people, disrupting opportunities for crime and delivering agencies a suite of emergency response tools.
T-Air T-Air delivers innovative products proven to dry towels and cloths faster than conventional rails and hooks. Our products are practical, with shelf and hooks incorporated and can be used throughout homes, offices, workshops, art studios, caravans and boats.
Calxa Pty Ltd Calxa is an AI driven, automated cashflow forecast platform to help organisations reduce their reporting burden, by delivering incredible software that automates processes and workflows to save substantial time.
Daktech Pty Ltd RiskEZI is a cloud-based risk management, event assessment and incident documentation tool designed to protect guests, volunteers, leaders and staff. Designed for use by young volunteers on mobile devices and to meet all the WHS requirements.
Max Lenoy ‘Connecting to Country’ is an App providing users with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owners information, when travelling around Australia. The GPS-based App means users can research and discover the local history and culture from any location in Australia.
Rockfield Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Rockfield is pioneering INDUSTRY 4.0 technologies to transform the utilisation of aged critical infrastructure. Our wireless technology coupled with AI provides critical alerts to asset managers for bridges, ports, mining and cranes.
Moonshot Industries Global Pty Ltd Transport Pathways makes life easier via safe mobile and virtual reality environments, helping people with autism learn new life and social skills. Leave no one with autism behind.
Outback Queensland
Central Western QLD Remote Area Planning and Development Board The Central Western Queensland Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD) is a regional development organisation and regional organisation of councils which aims to foster, facilitate and promote the sustainable growth and development of our Central Western Queensland region harnessing
South West Regional Economic Development The South West Region Economic Development (SWRED) fosters economic growth in six remote local government areas within South West Queensland. SWRED consists of Maranoa Regional Council, Balonne Shire Council, Murweh Shite Council, Paroo Shire Council, Quilpie Shire Council and Bulloo Shire Council. It has a total area of 319,884.2 km2, or 18.4 per cent of the total area of the state. 
Redland and Logan
Therapytrike Therapytrike is designed to support physiotherapy of the legs of persons with a physical or intellectual disability. This revolutionary rehabilitation trike assists in pattern training and exercise of muscles affected by physical disabilities while providing a ‘fun’ activity.
Digital Surge Digital Surge is a cryptocurrency exchange platform making it easy to buy, sell and pay bills with bitcoin.
Physiotherapy Innovations Physiotherapy Innovations is an Indigenous Business that values supporting the health of all people, especially those most disadvantaged. We provide innovative, reputable and affordable products and services for healthcare, doing so with passion, integrity and corporate social responsibility.
RCG Creative RCG Creative is a creative agency hiring local youth to help local businesses grow their brands and ideas using video and voice. Innovative projects helping grow ideas locally.
Freelance Robotics Freelance Robotics develop solutions bridging the gap between research and commercialisation, offering services and products worldwide. We provide robotics R&D, working across sub-trades of electronics, IT, mechanics, physics, AI and control systems.
Black Sky Aerospace Black Sky Aerospace (BSA) specialises in payload delivery systems through proprietary propulsion systems, componentry and vehicles. We also provide access to calibration and simulation systems that redefine the way traditional data is acquired.
GO1 GO1 helps organisations and individuals access all their training needs, both in person and online, through one convenient service. GO1 is a new and better way to train your team. As the world’s largest marketplace of training, we provide instant access to thousands of training courses, sourced from the best content providers in the world, from our platform or yours.
Anti Ordinary Anti Ordinary is changing snow helmets as we know them. We have created a beanie that’s as safe as a helmet yet flexible, conforming and comfy – no longer do you have to sacrifice comfort for safety when snowboarding and skiing. Our beanie is the first of its kind anywhere around the world – there is nothing else like it on the market.
Adieu Lumi is the world’s first AI separation guide and a bot with expertise in law, mediation and counselling. Lumi provides confidential consultations and proactively supports divorcing couples over several months.
Rubigo Pty Ltd Trading As Switchnode Wireless internet connections for homes and small business - a high speed and reliable NBN alternative.
Sunshine Coast
OMA The OMA solution uses patented, automated photo-analysis to identify malfunctioning waste-water systems. We offer a real-time, cost-efficient way for councils to improve the health and safety of the community by reducing the risk of water-borne diseases.
Bundle of Rays It’s not every day you can hold a beating heart in your hand or walk through the lungs. Bundle of Rays makes this possible.
Talk Revolution Talk Revolution is a revolutionary online, video-based, peer to peer, curriculum aligned prevention program for teens.
Data Migration Consultants Pty Ltd DataMC has developed a unique DM Framework incorporating repeatable, flexible and scalable methodology and toolsets, massively reducing the costs and time normally associated with the implementation of a full end-to-end data migration process.
IOTIQ Pty Ltd Fuellox revolutionises fuel management for a wide variety of businesses. We have created a disruptive technology that has already resulted in some massive savings for customers. Fuellox turns any fuel pump into a world class fuel management system.
Goombuckar Creations Goombuckar Creations provides innovative Aboriginal education resources and Nationally Accredited Cultural Awareness Training. We also produce our own range of artefacts, didgeridoos, Aboriginal Stories, Indigenous learning tools and aids.
Wide Bay Burnett
Community Lifestyle Support Community Lifestyle Support empowers people with disabilities to live a lifestyle of their choice. We deliver a professional, reliable service to meet the needs of the individual and promote positive awareness and understanding of disabilities within the wider community.
Goin Round Pty Ltd Goin Round is a machinery attachment developed by Ben Harzer designed to thin fruit off commercial fruit trees, to increase efficiencies and promote increased fruit size. This innovative product is also equipped with a pruning attachment.
Stepping Black Indigenous Corporation Australia Stepping Black Indigenous Corporation Australia works with communities to showcase and develop culture through innovative approaches to the design, development and delivery of programs that enhance skills and promote understanding
CQ University A wearable low-cost muscle activated switch for wireless Control for people with disability
SEQ Indigenous Innovation
CivtecQld CivtecQld is a multi-faceted business, servicing Residential, Commercial and Industry.  Those facets are: Renewable Energy – Solar Panels and Battery Accredited, Civil Electrical and NBN Connectivity, including telecom and network solutions.
BIRRA YAMMA UAVs BIRRA YAMMA UAVs is a collaborative Indigenous organisation that harnesses the power of advanced mapping and drone technology, to develop and grow projects that enhance whole community outcomes.
Iscariot Media Pty Ltd Iscariot Media delivers creative and digital solutions that make an impact on Indigenous small business in Queensland.
The Henderson Gallery We are an Innovative First Nations business that has grown in 3 years from a small arts exhibition to a multiple award winning Gallery, café and Cultural tourist attraction placed in the Brisbane CBD. We embrace First Nations people knowledge through all aspects of our business and offer around of Bush Food
Gondwana Wines Gondwana Wines was created to bring the values of the First People of Australia and fuse them with the technology and quality from our newest inhabitants to create not only a company or a brand but a community. A community that values bridging the cultural divide, instilling cultural understanding and embracing reconciliation and diversity.
Green Agri Solutions Green Agri Solution Is partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for a “business in a box” package to promote sustainable agriculture and aquaculture.
Turner and Green T & G have created “Lullaby” Australia’s First Indigenous owned infant formula range. With a percentage of every sale funding “Earth Angel Baby Box” to supply baby boxes that provide safe sleep spaces. This is to reduce the infant mortality rate in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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