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Media and storytelling resource kits

At Advance Queensland, we are keen to spread the innovation message – that innovation is as much a part of Queensland culture as sport and sun.

The best way to spread the innovation message is if our entrepreneurs and innovators tell their stories.

To support Queensland’s startups, we have produced the Media release resource kit (PDF, 2MB) and the Storytelling resource kit (PDF, 1.4MB).

In the Media release resource kit (PDF, 2MB) you will find:

  • Where Australians get their news
  • What innovation stories are Queenslanders interested in
  • Five key questions to ask yourself before doing media
  • The importance of owning your narrative and managing your brand
  • Basics of writing a media release
  • Media release exercise
  • The mechanics of contacting the media and pitching your story
  • What not to do

In the Storytelling resource kit (PDF, 1.4MB) you will find:

  • Key questions to ask yourself
  • The elements of storytelling
  • Stagecraft

By you telling your stories, you inspire others to innovate. You showcase the Queensland innovation story.