Queensland Tourism Workforce Strategy V2: A crisis resilience and recovery plan

Thu, 20/08/2020 - 15:15

Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellow and University of Queensland (UQ) researcher Associate Professor, Richard Robinson is dedicating time and valuable resources to conduct critical research that will benefit Queensland and Queenslanders involved in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Professor Robinson’s research will examine those who are periodically and profoundly affected by various types of crisis – but have truly been brought to their knees by the devasting COVID-19 pandemic impacts – seeking to find strategies for recovery and resilience.

We caught up with Richard to discuss what it means to him, to become an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellow.

Could you tell us about your research?

In partnership with the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, we will be developing a Tourism Employment Crisis and Resilience Strategy to allow Queensland, Queensland businesses and Queenslanders to recover from the massive disruption of COVID-19 – and to effectively weather future shocks.

How will your research benefit and assist Queenslanders?

Each time a crisis hits tourism in this State, it takes a heavy toll on businesses, employees and the communities they live, work and play in. This research will enable all stakeholders to recover more effectively for mutual benefit.

How will the funding from Advance Queensland support you on your research journey?

The research program will involve intensive consultation to ensure representation of many Queensland regions and stakeholder viewpoints. The fellowship not only provides the resources to enable this consultation but also the gravitas to open doors and encourage broad-based participation.

What does it mean to you to be a recipient of the Industry Research Fellowships program?

Over the past few years my research goal has been to increasingly move towards making a practical and substantive difference to the people in tourism and hospitality, who work long and hard to create experiences for others. To be awarded this fellowship affords me the privileged of committing my time to making an impactful difference to the lives of Queenslanders.

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