Queensland Businesses Triumph in Inclusive Sport Tech Challenge

The playing field is about to get a whole lot more level in Queensland. Three innovative businesses have been awarded funding as part of Advance Queensland’s Private Sector Pathways Inclusive Sport Technology Challenge. Each company – Cerge, Able Digital Wellness, and BowerBird Industries will receive $100,000 to propel their solutions that aim to transform the accessibility of sports for people with disabilities.

This funding marks a significant stride towards a more inclusive sporting landscape in Queensland. The judging panel was thoroughly impressed by the creativity and ingenuity displayed in the proposals, each addressing a distinct barrier faced by individuals with disabilities when it comes to participating in sports.

Cerge is at the forefront of addressing accessibility concerns. Through their Companion Website and App, users are empowered with crucial information and personalised communication tools. The 50 Venues in 50 Days Challenge, will see 50 clubs and venues provided with the necessary digital tools to showcase accessibility and accessible programs. This translates to increased confidence and participation rates at sporting venues and clubs across the state, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Able Digital Wellness is dedicated to empowering individuals of all abilities. Their user-centric platform offers curated video content, allowing users to explore various sports from the comfort of their homes. Once a sport piques their interest, a user-friendly directory seamlessly connects them with local programs and activities, facilitating a smooth transition into in-person participation. To further enhance the experience, machine learning personalises exercise programs and coaching drills, accelerating skill development in chosen sports. This cost-effective solution is cleverly designed to be accessible through NDIS plans, ensuring affordability and inclusivity.

BowerBird Industries takes the concept of fitness to a whole new level with the Virtual Handbike. This ingenious product seamlessly blends a physical handcycle with virtual training software Zwift. The result? A multifaceted solution that caters to a variety of needs. Users can utilise the Virtual Handbike for exercise, rehabilitation, competitive training, and even social interaction online – all within a single, user-friendly device. Beyond its versatility, the Virtual Handbike boasts an additional benefit: biomechanical assessment capabilities. This allows for the creation of custom-fit handcycles, ensuring optimal comfort and performance for individual needs.

The success stories of Cerge, Able Digital Wellness, and BowerBird Industries pave the way for a future brimming with inclusivity in the world of sports. With the backing of the Advance Queensland program, these pioneering businesses have the potential to inspire and empower people with disabilities across the state, transforming the sporting landscape for the better ahead of the 2032 Paralympic Games.

About the Private Sector Pathways Program

The Private Sector Pathways Program supports innovative Queensland businesses to collaborate with corporate partners to help solve industry challenges.

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Last updated 29 May, 2024
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