Private Sector Pathways Program Helps to Fuel Tourism Industry Transformation

The tourism industry plays a critical role in Queensland’s economy and is on the cusp of significant growth. This continued expansion presents a chance to embrace innovative solutions and tackle challenges head-on. Thanks to a collaboration between Advance Queensland's Private Sector Pathways program, the Department of Tourism and Sport and innovative Queensland businesses, innovation is leading the way.

Private Sector Pathways Program: Unlocking Queensland's Potential

The Private Sector Pathways program sought to address two crucial tourism industry issues:

  • Enhancing the Visitor Experience: Enhancing the visitor experiences at any stage of the travel consumer journey.
  • Addressing Workforce Capacity Challenges: Equipping tourism businesses with the tools to effectively manage their workforce needs.

Proposals ranged from the utilisation of cutting-edge technology to streamline travel experiences to creative strategies for attracting and retaining skilled tourism professionals.

At The Precinct in May 2024, shortlisted applicants pitched how their ideas and solutions helped to solve some of the challenges faced by the tourism industry.

Localis and Cinefly: Leading in Innovation

Cinefly's AI-driven platform will aim to enhance the visitor experience in Queensland. Their innovative solution will guide visitors through every stage of their journey – from the initial planning stages to capturing those unforgettable memories. Personalised itineraries will inspire exploration, while the AI tour guide will provide on-site storytelling and ensure visitors don't miss a beat. Post-visit, automated editing transforms footage into polished videos for effortless sharing. This seamless integration across the visitor journey simplifies content creation, enriches travel experiences, promotes regional attractions, and fosters social sharing, thereby boosting tourism and enhancing visitor satisfaction in Queensland.

Localis is tackling the workforce challenges with their AI-powered Workforce Demand Optimiser. This innovative tool leverages advanced data analytics to forecast fluctuations in demand across the industry. By integrating historical data with real-time information on transactions, accommodation bookings, and events, Localis helps tourism operators to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve service delivery, ensuring they can offer superior visitor experiences sustainably.

Each company was awarded a grant of $100,000 through a joint investment by the Department of Tourism and Sport and Advance Queensland’s Private Sector Pathways Program for their solutions to be trialled.

A Brighter Future for Queensland Tourism

Localis and Cinefly's AI-driven platforms hold the potential to not only elevate the visitor experience but also drive substantial economic growth across the region. This successful collaboration between Advance Queensland, the Department of Tourism and Sport, and Queensland's innovative SMEs is a testament to the power of collaboration in shaping a bright future for Queensland's future economy.

About the Private Sector Pathways Program

The Private Sector Pathways Program supports innovative Queensland businesses to collaborate with corporate partners to help solve industry challenges.

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Last updated 30 May, 2024
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