Building Our Innovation Economy - Advance Queensland Strategy

Innovation is what drives Queensland forward. It’s about looking beyond what we currently know and imagining how things could be.

Innovation helps us stay relevant in a competitive market and plays an important role in economic growth. That’s why the Queensland Government has spent the last 20 years helping turn people’s bright ideas into real-world success stories that drive progress and create new jobs.

The Advance Queensland Strategy is our plan to keep pace with the rapidly evolving global innovation ecosystem so our businesses can attract investment and reach new global markets.  

We’ve invested $755 million to make Queensland’s innovation economy stronger. We will build on this strong foundation and deliver key priorities to generate the best outcomes for the government’s investment. This will diversify our economy, create jobs and support employment in the regions.

Why innovation matters

Video calls from a mobile phone. Keyhole surgery. The answers to everything at your fingertips. The things we take for granted today were the stuff of science fiction just a generation ago. Tomorrow there will be new innovations we can’t imagine life without. The challenge is to imagine them today – because it’s only by dreaming up new ways to make life better that we get to move forward: as a state, a community and as individuals.

Why we consulted

We consulted widely with stakeholders on the draft strategy to find out what they need to grow and succeed, engaging with some of the state’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, academics and research institutions.

We listened, and this strategy will help us deliver on four key priorities to grow our state, help our people and industries expand and meet the global challenges of tomorrow.

Stay informed

It’s not often someone leaps out of the bath and shouts Eureka! Innovation is rarely a light bulb moment. It’s usually created like a jigsaw – a thousand small ideas pieced together over time. The same goes for our innovation strategy.

We will continue to keep you informed on how we are building our innovation economy, via this website, our social media channels and the Advance Queensland eNewsletter.

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