Tech innovation to take QSO music experiences across Queensland

Congratulations to Imagine Realities who recently won the Private Sector Pathways Program challenge to develop new technology to bring the joy of live music and Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) experiences to Queenslanders across the state.   

The quality of a QSO performance on the concert stage is just the beginning of the organisation’s commitment to entertain, inspire and educate Queenslanders.  

Enriching experiences, live performances, music education and cultural engagement are a vital aspect of community life, but in a state as large as Queensland it can be difficult for artists to connect with audiences.  

QSO supporter Professor Ian Frazer said it was particularly important that young people have the opportunity to engage with QSO music programs wherever they live. 

“We’ve been working with QSO for quite a while to make sure that young people who are interested in music get the chance to enjoy it,” Professor Frazer said.  

“And we realise that one of the big problems in Queensland is distance. 

“And while it’s quite easy to do things for young kids down in Brisbane, if we want to actually do something useful in the music world where music doesn’t really get out there as live music as much as it should, then setting up some means we can do that for young kids is what we’re really keen to do.”  

This was the challenge presented to Queensland companies through the Advance Queensland Private Sector Pathways Program - to find an innovative and sustainable solution to enhance the QSO touring program and its engagement with Queensland schools and regional communities.  

Imagine Realities rose to the challenge with their pitch of a learning management system application to enable every Queenslander to engage with the QSO Education, Community and Regional Programs on- and off-line.  

The solution will include access to QSO learning resources, and will bring together Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 media to deliver an immersive education experience for users.  

Founded in 2017, Gold Coast based Imagine Realities has worked with Australian and global companies to bring cutting-edge XR technology into commercial apps used by millions of users.  

The PSP solution is co-funded by Advance Queensland and the QSO through their supporters, Professor Ian Frazer AC FRS and Mrs Caroline Frazer, and the Frazer Family Foundation. Advance Queensland will fund project costs of $49,000 which will be matched by QSO. 

As part of Advance Queensland's Corporate Innovation Network , the Private Sector Pathways Program creates commercial opportunities for innovative Queensland businesses by opening up corporate challenges and co-funding pilots .  

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Last updated 14 Aug, 2023
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