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Engaging Science Grants—2016/17 round 3 recipients

Sixteen recipients of the Engaging Science Grants will share in more than $140,000 to help raise the profile of science in the community.

Recipient Project Amount Project Summary
Blackwater State School Blackwater State School STEM Project 2017-2018 $4,550 Blackwater State School will work collaboratively with the Central Highlands Regional Council to create a rest stop between the school boundary and the Capricorn Highway. The project uses scientist collaboration to authentically design a rest stop with native flora, effective urban planning and construction. Drones will survey the area and work throughout the project. Informative digital videos about the science, technology, mathematics and engineering used in the project will be developed.
Refactor Pty Ltd WIO Weather and Environmental Station Platform $10,000 In collaboration with Gold Coast TechSpace and Gold Coast Libraries we have been working on a connected Weather and Environmental station that can be easily deployed to community buildings. Along with the electronics hardware, there is also a software component where the data collected can be used for citizen science research. Most weather stations collect basic information such as temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind speed, but we also aim to collect other interesting information such as harmful gases and environmental readings.
Ingham State School The Secret Life of Coral $9,900 The Secret Life of Coral combines cutting-edge science, storytelling and artistic activities to educate and engage year 3–8 school children about the symbiotic partnerships within each coral polyp on the Great Barrier Reef. Four full-day workshop programs will begin with a combined-group narration of the coral-science-adventure story Zobi and the Zoox, followed by scientist-led discussions on coral and coral bleaching. Afterwards, students break into smaller groups to rotate through a series of activities.
Cleveland State School STEAM-ATHLON $8,335 The STEAM-ATHLON is an initiative of Cleveland State School involving 7 schools. This academic triathlon is made up of 3 tasks that are centred around science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), designed to challenge, engage, enrich and celebrate our students. Cleveland State School has partnered with Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation to host the event. A Marine Education Officer will deliver a presentation to open the event on 10 October 2017. This presentation will be the foundation of all challenges.
Boyne Island State School Drone Station Challenge $2,820 Four drone stations will be set up in our school hall. Various challenges will be set for students to engage in and use their knowledge in STEM to complete the task set at each station. The challenges will involve drones delivering packages, drones surveying farm lands (focussing on specific areas affected following a disaster), underwater drones and an open station for students to design their own drone and challenge.
Gordonvale State High School Indigenous Girls in STEM $8,810 Our mission is to promote STEM as a highly interactive and enjoyable field of study that will lead students to a myriad of career pathways. Through this we hope to encourage more young female Indigenous students to select senior STEM subjects in their senior phase of learning. This pilot project is to provide students opportunities to interact with STEM mentors from school, community (both Indigenous and wider), industry and tertiary institutions.
Greenmount Primary P&C Association RoboTECH $9,591 RoboTECH is a 10-week program where students will engage with STEM resources and activities using multiple technologies and platforms, robotics, electronics, engineering and craft. Implemented across our whole-of-school community, RoboTECH will promote hands-on learning experiences for students while increasing their STEM knowledge and capabilities through problem-solving tasks.
StarSapphire Productions Pty Ltd Ground Truth $10,000 This project uses digital media to communicate the science of spatial data that empirically tracks changes to our landscape. Ground Truth is a series of time-lapse films sourced from 30 years of satellite imagery of Queensland. Compiled by remote-sensing scientists and visualisation experts, these touch-sensitive immersive films will entertain communities around the state during the 2018 World Science Festival. An accompanying webpage and TV portal will engage students and the general public in a citizen science project where science experts show how to ‘ground truth' satellite imagery and use open source data to create time-lapse films of our local areas.
Julatten State School P&C Association After School "Ecology Warriors" Club $10,000 This is an after-school program for 70 students (encompassing two state schools and home schoolers) focusing on local ecology. Topics include entomophagy (eating insects), macropods, bird safaris and native bush tucker. Program concludes with an overnight at the Sheoak Nature Reserve for a night bush walk and discussions on conservation.
James Cook University Deadly Science Getaway 2017-2018: Orpheus Island $8,949 Deadly Science Getaway ignites passion for science among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, aged 13-18, from remote communities. We illuminate pathways for Indigenous women to pursue science-linked careers such as being a ranger, marine biologist, natural resource manager or leading science programs for children. We lead field science and authentic conversations, in wild places, with passionate women scientists and Indigenous leaders.
Bana Yarralji Bubu Ltd Ngananga Nyamunka, The Climate Memory $9,600 This project is an innovative, immersive media portrait of Aboriginal Nyungkalwarra country at the threshold of rapid ecological change. Filmed over a calendar year and told in the critically-endangered Nyungkal language of World-heritage Wet Tropics of Australia’s Far North Queensland (considered the world’s oldest tropical rainforest of 320 million years), the project explains about the dynamic transformations being monitored on country where a third of its invertebrate species are set to be lost to climate change. Ultimately, this learning tool teaches culturally-appropriate Indigenous ecological monitoring practices.
Griffith University Moreton Bay Science Online $10,000 Moreton Bay Science Online is dedicated to celebrating the marine science that shapes our social, cultural and economic pursuits in Moreton Bay. It also reveals the Queensland scientists who are helping build the worldwide body of marine ecological knowledge. It is a strategic science-communication campaign about Moreton Bay science and scientists will be measured for effectiveness in increasing public knowledge and increasing support for marine management initiatives.
University of Southern Queensland Changing young peoples' attitudes about science, space, sustainability through engagement $10,000 The Space & Sustainability Conference is a community event that engages primary children, highlighting astronauts’ and astronomers’ understanding of the universe. Guest speakers from Space Explorations Technologies and NASA provide visual examples of the impact of scientific activities in space on a sustainable life on earth. Students and teachers engage in activities about atoms, elements and the periodic table to understand how being involved in science can make a difference in their lives and community.
Australian Coastal Protection Core Coastal Protection Core Science Festival $9,650 Australian Coastal Protection Core will host a Science Festival at Scarborough, involving fun, educational programs and workshops targeted at school years 3–6 within the Morton Bay Regional Council catchment. Australian coastal and marine ecology professional scientists and Australian Coastal Protection Core teachers and educators will deliver workshops, presentations and hands-on practical activities for the community with the aim of inspiring future scientists to develop solutions to our most complex environmental challenges.
Queensland University of Technology Rolling Stories: Table-top role playing games for engaging students in science $9,980 The Rolling Stories project turns the Queensland Government call to target media which are supportive of 'science stories' into a design activity where scientists are encouraged to both tell their stories and communicate them through creating table-top role playing games and then playing them with students. The project expects outcomes in terms of increased engagement through the workshop series and long-lasting outcomes in the form of table-top role playing game books that can then be shared and re-used in educational and professional contexts.
Queensland Trust for Nature Flatback Bivouac Camp $10,000 Flatback Bivouac runs for 3 days at Avoid Island, an uninhabited island south of Mackay and critical nesting habitat for the vulnerable flatback turtle. Students will work alongside respected turtle researchers to better understand the life-cycles of marine species. Delivered by Wonder of Science (WoS) and supported by QTFN, Flatback Bivouac provides students with hands on experiences, observing turtles laying, scientific data collection and recording techniques. This rewarding and unforgettable experience embeds interest in scientific research, conservation land management and marine ecology in students’ lives, and extraordinary opportunities to learn about and participate in conservation of protected areas and species.
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