KTP round 4 funding recipients

Program Period Project Location Sector Partner Amount Round
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Develop an App to Help Businesses Reduce their Thermal and Electrical Power Demand

All Energy Pty Ltd

Develop an app to help businesses reduce their thermal and electrical power demand, reduce waste sent to landfill and increase the sustainability of industry.


Spring Hill Business/Commercial Professional Services $40,667 4
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Artificial Heart Device


Evaluate the current motor control system of its artificial heart device to improve the functionality and durability of the product.


Wilston Health $50,000 4
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Development of Online Screening Tool for Neuro-Cognitive Assessment of Indigenous People

Brain Injury Association of Queensland T/A Synapse Australia Limited

Produce an online, culturally appropriate, research-based screening tool for neuro-cognitive assessment of Indigenous people living in regional and remote Queensland.


West End Health $39,316 4
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Development of Low Cost Sensors

Campbell Scientific Australia Pty Ltd

Developing low cost sensors to address problems surrounding water management using real time data from sensor feeds to alert clients prior to an environment crisis.


Garbutt Environmental Management $50,000 4
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Stem Education

Central Highlands Science Centre Inc.

Develop a suite of pioneering STEM education packages for pilot in and out of school Science Club prototype setting which targets primary aged students living in rural, regional and remote Queensland communities.


Emerald Education $50,000 4
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Microelectromechanical Systems Technology

Community Lifestyle Support

Provide effective access solutions to clients with complex motor impairments which limit muscular control by developing a MEMS-based switch option. Note: MEMS- microelectromechanical systems is the technology of microscopic devices, particularly those with moving parts.


Bundaberg Health $37,259 4
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Automation of Condition Monitoring Database

DINGO Software Pty Ltd

Research the best technologies, tools and products to allow the company to automate the analysis of its Condition Monitoring database. This will collect and store data from on board sensors on machines or equipment for industries such as mining, gas oil, rail, energy.


Wilston Information Technology/Communications $50,000 4
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Development of Online Loans Processing System

Forester's Community Finance Ltd

Develop an online loans processing system which will provide financial literacy and money education to those suffering from financial exclusion instead of using a payday lender.


Bowen Hills Other Services $25,333 4
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Ballet Moves

Queensland Ballet

Undertake a research and development project to inform Ballet Moves for Adult Creative Health (BMACH) a program specifically tailored to improving the wellbeing of mature adults.


West End Recreation/Arts $37,963 4
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2016
Development of a North Queensland Tourism Knowledge Cluster

SeaLink Queensland Pty Ltd

Development of a North Queensland Tourism Knowledge Cluster strategy to attract more visitors to the region and boost tourism expenditure.


Townsville Transport/Storage $24,000 4

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