Advance Queensland Performance Reports

Advance Queensland was launched in 2015 and is a significant investment by the Queensland Government to drive a more diversified Queensland economy, strengthen regional growth and create jobs.

Since inception, AQ has supported more than 8,000 recipients whose projects have directly driven over 29,800 jobs and leveraged $1billion in funds from external partners and investors

Current Statistics – December 2023 

The Advance Queensland – Innovation for a Future Economy: 2022–2032 Roadmap (the Roadmap) was launched in July 2022 and sets out the direction, key priority outcomes and initiatives for the next phase in Queensland’s innovation journey. 

The Roadmap is a whole-of-government plan that reflects the innovation efforts and investments by all Queensland Government agencies.

Since July 2022, a total of $43.4 million of AQ Roadmap funding has been committed to support over 120 recipients, who have reported that their projects are supporting more than 4000 jobs. $13.4 million has already been paid and the remaining $30.0 million will be paid out progressively as each of the companies involved reaches their contractual milestones.

This investment has led to almost $11 million being contractually committed by program partners, including industry and investors.

Of the Roadmap recipients, 29 (23%) are located in regional Queensland, over 40 (or 38%) identify as female, and 12 (or 10%) identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

More than 1500 (37%) of jobs supported by AQ Roadmap funding are being reported by regional recipients, over 1200 (30%) being reported by female recipients and over 470 (12%) being reported by First Nations recipients.

Key Advance Queensland funded programs under the Advance Queensland Roadmap include:

Additional Roadmap achievements

Additional achievements from other initiatives listed in the Roadmap are also available.