Advance Queensland Performance Reports

Advance Queensland has a strong policy framework, robust governance arrangements, well-established reporting arrangements, and a system-wide evaluation approach based on a broad evidence base.

Latest statistics

As of 30 June 2022, there have been more than 7,800 recipients of Advance Queensland grants, competitions, and other opportunities, whose projects are directly supporting over 28,000 new Queensland jobs.

More than 4,700 (61%) of Advance Queensland recipients are located in regional Queensland, and these recipients have reported more than 11,200 (40%) of the total jobs supported.

More than 3,080 (40%) of all Advance Queensland recipients identify as female, and more than 300 (3.9%) of all Advance Queensland recipients identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

Program partners, including industry and investors, have also contractually committed over $1 billion.

There have been more than 266,000 attendees at over 4,500 Advance Queensland supported events with more than 81% of the events held in the regions.

Reporting arrangements

All Advance Queensland programs report quarterly on implementation and performance, providing a consolidated view of the progress of the initiative against key measures, including:

  • Program status (programs launched, rounds opened/closed, events held).
  • Program budget (expenditure, funds contractually committed).
  • Innovators reached (applications received, attendance at events).
  • Innovators supported (recipients of grants, prizes and opportunities).
  • Funds leveraged (funds contractually committed by program partners).
  • Jobs supported (new Queensland jobs reported, new Queensland jobs forecast).

This approach:

  • enables regular, consistent and transparent information collection from relevant agencies
  • provides a consolidated view of Advance Queensland for key stakeholders
  • provides agencies with a forward schedule of reporting to enable planning
  • provides the necessary evidence base for ongoing program evaluation and design.

The Advance Queensland reporting approach is consistent with the overarching Advance Queensland Evaluation Framework, which prescribes the holistic review and evaluation activities to be completed over time.


Read the Advance Queensland Update June 2022 (PDF 144Kb).