A wrap-up of the Best Practice Roundtable for Supporting Female Founders event

Since 2019, Advance Queensland has partnered with the Advisory Board Centre to support female founders and women in business to increase their knowledge, networks and business outcomes through the development of the Female Founders Advisory Board Program.

On 14 September 2022, Jan Easton facilitated the Best Practice Roundtable for Supporting Female Founders online event. Jan Easton was joined by Louise Broekman, Chief Executive Officer of the Advisory Board Centre, Gillian Gardiner, Chief Operating Officer, Innovation Division in the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport and Deborah Bauer, the founder and creative director of Urban Metal.

The panel explored the key learnings that made the program a success:

  • the primary drivers and barriers to achieving scale for female founders
  • what female founders really want from support programs
  • ethical engagement frameworks that create successful programs.

It was an exciting opportunity to translate the research undertaken by the Advisory Board Centre with the support of Advance Queensland and other partners into the major barriers to scale for female founders into actionable insights.

Some of the key insights shared by those founders was that they had low access to knowledge, networks and specialist advice that could support their growth and the scalable governance of their business.

The three-stage Female Found Advisory Board Program included:

  • education on advisory board essentials in scalable governance
  • a board starter program, which matched high-growth potential female-led businesses with an experienced advisory board chair to help map out the current governance framework within their business and clarify their key priorities for strategic growth.
  • supporting female-led businesses with a growth board, and a tailored approach to access specialist advice to realise their growth ambitions.

The recording of the roundtable event is now available on our YouTube channel.

Visit the Female Founders Program to find out more about how we’re assisting Queensland female founders through programs, initiatives and funding. 

Last updated 29 Sep, 2022
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