Queensland female founders take their tech start up to The Hague

Pictured: BetterBeliefs Team and Family
Pictured L-R: BetterBeliefs Team – Alok Chowdhury, Bronte Mark, Jaime Forson, Saul Devitt, Tamara Pearce, Kate Devitt and Jane Munro and kids. Absent – Kerrie Mengersen and Taelor Carmichael.

Queensland female founders Adjunct Professor Kate Devitt and Tamara Pearce are achieving global impact with their digital innovation platform, BetterBeliefs.

Co-created with distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengerson, Director, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Centre for Data Science and Senior Full Stack Engineer (Dubber) and QUT PhD graduate Alok Chowdhury, BetterBeliefs is an evidence-based social platform for sharing and evaluating ideas and using collective intelligence to make decisions.

Founded in 2017, BetterBeliefs has gone from a small Queensland startup to global success with the platform to soon be used at the first global Summit on Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain: REAIM 2023 at The Hague in the Netherlands.

BetterBeliefs is now available to more than 2,200 delegates from over 98 countries and provides an intuitive, interactive way for all participants to contribute and engage with ideas about the responsible use of artificial intelligence in the military domain. Plus, data is transparent to users. Delegates, researchers and organisations can download, analyse, and use data after the event to communicate and make decisions.

Dr Kate Devitt said, “BetterBeliefs encourages participatory, inclusive, and evidence-based exchange of ideas. It’s an ideal platform to tackle the challenges of emerging technologies, with actionable, timely and accountable decision-making.”

BetterBeliefs has worked with Australian and global organisations, including the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service, Expedia Global (from their Brisbane offices), Hacking Health Queensland, The World Hospital Congress, Defence Science and Technology Group and Royal Australian Air Force.

“I’m so proud that our female founded Queensland startup is achieving global impact for peace and is successfully scaling and reaching new global markets,” said Adjunct Professor Kate Devitt.

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Last updated 13 Feb, 2023
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