Low-cost and reduced carbon emissions: Advance Queensland supports new renewable energy technology

New and advanced battery storage technologies are urgently needed to bolster Australia’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Iron flow batteries (IFBs) are a promising method for large scale energy storage, such as storing energy from renewable sources and integrating it to grids.

Dr Md Masud Rana from the University of Queensland is a recent recipient of Advance Queensland’s Industry Research Fellowship and is focussing on further researching IFB technology.

Dr Rana’s project aims to mitigate IFBs existing issues and develop a high performance and cost-effective IFB technology that will deliver more energy at lower cost to Queenslanders.

Dr Rana received $240,000 over three years as part of the fellowship and will also partner with industry to achieve his research project goals.

Why did you choose to research this?

There is a critical need for low-cost renewable energy to tackle climate change and environmental pollution and to achieve global emissions targets in Queensland. IFBs are one of the large-scale energy storage alternatives to fulfil this target.

Who are you partnering with and why?

My industry partner, Elemental Laboratories Pty Ltd, is an essential collaborator in this project to develop IFBs for large-scale commercialisation. The large-scale commercial feasibility testing and manufacturing of the IFBs will be done in partnership with the National Battery Testing Centre and Energy Storage Industry-Asia Pacific to bring Australia’s first large-scale IFBs to market and create jobs across regional Queensland.

How will the funding from Advance Queensland support you on your research journey?

Through Advance Queensland’s support and partnering with industry, my research will contribute to strengthening Queensland’s competitiveness in advance manufacturing and energy storage technologies, which will contribute to the state’s economic growth and diversify the economy.

What are you wanting to achieve in your research?

My research aims to develop a safe, efficient and cost-effective IFB for large-scale energy storage applications. It will also deliver significantly increased energy in Queensland at a lower cost and contribute to its target of having 80% renewables by 2035.

How will your research benefit and assist Queenslanders?

At the end of the project, my research will help unlock Queensland’s renewable energy revolution to boost energy supply and drive down power prices and create hundreds of jobs across regional Queensland. This research will also contribute to Queensland Government’s ambition to fulfill the target of 30% emissions reduction below 2005 levels by 2030, and Zero Net Emissions by 2050.

What does it mean to you to be a recipient of the 2022 Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships program? 

I’m thankful and happy to be an early career recipient of the 2022 Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships program, and motivated and dedicated to work on my proposed project.

Last updated 27 Mar, 2023
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