Advance Queensland Alumni Steer the Way at Beef2024

Beef2024, a triennial celebration of all things beef and livestock held in Rockhampton, has showcased some of the latest research and advances in agricultural technology, including Advance Queensland alumni.

Helping to deliver solutions for a sustainable beef industry

Leading the way was Dr Giogo Costa, a researcher at CQUniversity and an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellow. Announcing a significant breakthrough – a water-based supplement that can reduce methane emissions from cattle by more than 15 per cent. The innovation could help northern Australian beef producers to address climate change, and be part of the solution without impacting on productivity or animal behaviour.

Industry Partnership Drives Innovation

The research project exemplifies the collaborative nature of the Industry Research Fellowships Program, which fosters collaboration between research and industry partners. CQUniversity researchers joined forces with DIT AgTech, a Queensland company specialising in water-based delivery systems for cattle. Their remotely-managed technology allows for precise delivery of the methane-reducing supplement directly into water troughs, making it a practical and scalable solution.

A Hub of Innovation and Expertise

Dr Costa was joined by other Advance Queensland funding recipients who have been supported to further develop their innovative ideas and products. The event showcased new technology and advancements in sustainable beef production from a wide range of innovators, including:

  • Ceres Tag, a Queensland startup that developed the world’s first and only commercial direct-to-satellite livestock information platform;
  • SkyKelpie, a Toowoomba-based company that utilises drones for mustering and aerial stockmanship demonstrated their technology; 
  • InFarm, an agriculture intelligence company displayed their drone to tractor precision weed targeting system;
  • Terracipher an Ignite Ideas recipient, shared their algorithm-hosting platform designed to unlock new business opportunities for the red meat industry.

Building a Brighter Future for Agriculture

Advance Queensland is proud to support a strong ecosystem of innovators across Queensland and with continued support, Queensland innovators will continue to navigate and solve the challenges of the future.

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Last updated 14 May, 2024
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