Queensland Innovation Precincts and Places Fund - Innovation Place Leaders Network

Queensland’s innovation places leaders will work together to develop a framework and tools to deliver and embed a sustainable Innovation Place Leaders Network 

What's important: 

  • Engagement to commence October 2023   

  • Program will support a range of initiatives to deliver and embed a sustainable Innovation Place Leaders Network 

About the Queensland Innovation Precincts and Places Fund   

The Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland: Innovation for a future economy 2022-2032 Roadmap (the Roadmap) sets out the direction, key priority outcomes and initiatives for the next phase in Queensland’s journey toward becoming a leading and sustainable world-class innovation economy.  

The Roadmap identifies the opportunity for Queensland’s world-class innovation infrastructure to drive ideas through to commercialisation, adoption and diffusion.  

This includes positioning Queensland precincts, places and hubs to reach their full potential for attracting investment and creating jobs, co-locating innovation precincts and places with research, education and training institutes and improving digital infrastructure accessibility.   

The Queensland Government’s Queensland Innovation Precincts and Places Strategy 2022-2032: A Place to Innovate sets out how Queensland’s precincts and places will achieve this vision based on three key pillars:  

  • People - empowering innovation place leaders and stakeholders to collaborate and thrive  

  • Place - maximising the innovation potential from infrastructure  

  • Purpose - harnessing the opportunities and achievements of innovation places  

A key action is the establishment of the $15 million Queensland Innovation Precincts and Places Fund that will help innovation places achieve their goals across these three key areas that are considered essential to success.

About this program   

The objectives of the Place Leaders Network are to: 

  • Establish place-based networks of innovation leaders and practitioners to support research and business collaboration 

  • Facilitate partnerships between corporates, SMEs and startups, and 

  • Increase participation in innovation precincts and places. 

The program ensure a framework and tools to deliver and embed a sustainable Innovation Place Leaders Network.    

Funding and support  

Up to $1 million (excluding GST) is available over three years for a range of initiatives that may include: 

  • activation and delivery of the network, including targeted activities that will support collaboration and engagement with and between innovation precincts and places 

  • development of a tool kit to help innovation places define lifecycle maturity and identify acceleration pathways 

  • delivery of a Queensland innovation precincts and places specialisation, strengths and opportunities prospectus 

  • development of a plan for long term sustainability of the network. 


The Innovation Place Leaders Network program will include the engagement of a third-party expert through an open market approach to advise and support delivery of a scope of work that includes: 

  • Clear objectives and outcomes to achieve over a three-year period 

  • An operational network with representation from all relevant Queensland regions 

  • a calendar of events, training and meetings to support collaboration and engagement within and between innovation precincts and places. 

The program scope will be refined and ratified by stakeholders that represent existing and emerging precincts to ensure deliverable are fit-for-purpose and reflect priorities of the program. 


  • Milestone 1 (M1) Engagement to commence October 2023 

  • Milestone 2 (M2) Request for Quote released to market + 2 months (TBC on M1) 

  • Milestone 3 (M3) Specialist Engagement Letter of Offer + 2 months (TBC on M2) 

  • Milestone 4 (M4) First Place Leaders Network meeting held + 2 months (TBC on M3) 

Key documents 

Terms of Reference (PDF, 211KB)

Stream 1

Stream 3

Round 1 recipients