Deadly Innovation Evaluation

This evaluation of Deadly Innovation, a component of the Advance Queensland initiative that seeks to deliver jobs and economic wealth for Indigenous peoples, was completed by Nous Group in 2023.

The evaluation sought to understand the effectiveness of Deadly Innovation, and to generate insights to improve the future design and performance of programs to ensure an inclusive approach to innovation and economic growth.

The evaluation approach was informed by a co-design process to ensure it was culturally safe, appropriate and meaningful, and adhered to cultural safety principles and Indigenous data sovereignty principles.

The evaluation was designed with an appreciative enquiry approach to assist in the amplification of the strengths of Deadly Innovation.

Key findings

The findings of the evaluation have been critical in informing and shaping the next phase of Deadly Innovation.

The evaluation found that Deadly Innovation has been delivered as planned, and delivered a broad range of programs, initiatives and activities supporting economic wealth and job creation for Queensland Indigenous communities.

The novel, culturally responsive approach to the design and delivery of Deadly Innovation was core to its success.

Critical success factors:

  1. Moving at the speed of trust – investing time in building a personal and genuine relationship at the individual level and community level
  2. Building mutual accountability – shared high expectations between government and participants to make and fulfil commitments
  3. Meeting people where they are at – spending time in community and providing targeted support for individuals, businesses, and communities
  4. Activating change agents– recognising and empowering change agents and champions within communities to drive shared success.

The evaluation recommended that government departments should consider opportunities to amplify these elements when working with Indigenous innovators, businesses, and communities and for other cohorts who may face participation barriers and discrimination.

The evaluation also surfaced risks and challenges associated with the Deadly Innovation approach, which have informed the next phase of Deadly Innovation and will continue to be addressed throughout delivery of the program.


Read the full Deadly Innovation Evaluation Report (PDF, 5.2Mb).

A “report on a page” was also developed in collaboration with the Co-design Group to communicate the key findings of the report in a way that is accessible to the Indigenous community.

Read the Deadly Innovation Evaluation Report on a Page (PDF, 0.1Mb).