Advance Queensland and NRL Magic Round Tech Showcase

  • Advance Queensland and the NRL hosted a tech showcase during Magic Round 2024 at The Precinct.
  • 22 Queensland businesses showcased their innovative products to revolutionise fan engagement, event operations, data management, athlete performance and more.

Bridging Innovation and Sports

Advance Queensland joined forces with the National Rugby League (NRL) to host a dynamic tech showcase during the 2024 Magic Round in Brisbane. This event, part of Advance Queensland's Corporate Innovation Network (CoIN), aimed to bridge the gap between major sporting organisations and Queensland's innovation businesses.

Showcasing Queensland Born and Bred Technology

The showcase spotlighted a selection of cutting-edge businesses and entrepreneurs from Queensland with more than 180 attendees from various sporting organisations and key stakeholders from the NRL. A broad variety of Queensland businesses presented technologies and products with the potential to revolutionise the sports sector by enhancing fan engagement, athlete performance and broadcast innovation. Read more about the 22 exhibitors.

Bright Future for Queensland Tech Ecosystem

This initiative highlights Advance Queensland's commitment to fostering collaboration between industry leaders and Queensland's vibrant tech ecosystem. By connecting these entities, the showcase has the potential to drive innovation and create game-changing solutions for the future of Queensland's economy.

Looking Ahead

The NRL and Advance Queensland will continue to collaborate through a new three-year Innovation Partnership, which was announced by the Premier at the 2024 event. The partnership will help the NRL to solve some of their pressing challenges through Queensland innovations, further showcase Queensland cutting-edge technologies, and help businesses to trial their technologies with the NRL.

About Advance Queensland’s Corporate Innovation Network (CoIN)

Advance Queensland’s Corporate Innovation Network (CoIN) helps to bridge the gap between corporates and Queensland’s vibrant innovative landscape. CoIN helps corporates connect to new technologies and leading-edge businesses in Queensland.

More Information

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