Digital platform connects Queensland startups to global investors

Dealroom Queensland is an online platform that maps the state’s startup and investment ecosystem. The platform can match Queensland-based startups with potential investors and gives a birds-eye view of the Queensland innovation ecosystem. 
Stephen Dummett is the AgTech, Innovation and Future Skills Manager at the Toowoomba and Surat Basin Entreprise (TSBE) and is a big fan and advocate of Dealroom Queensland. 
“I’m involved in the innovation ecosystem, particularly AgTech, and I wanted to know who was out there in the ecosystem that I wasn’t aware of and who I could engage with," Stephen said. "Dealroom Queensland was perfect for that." 
“I use the research tools available and the filtering capabilities within Dealroom to find information on Queensland startups and investors that would benefit me and the AgTech ecosystem.
“I used Dealroom for an event I ran called Agrifood Innovation Forum 2022, where 8 companies wanted to informally pitch to investors. With all their information in Dealroom, we could share their details side by side so investors could look at those companies and know what they’re about before they even got into the room.”
But there are also other useful sections of Dealroom Queensland, including a jobs board and news about what’s happening in the Queensland innovation ecosystem. 
“It’s got a list of all the precincts/hubs and workspaces available in Queensland," Stephen said. "So it makes it easy for people in the ecosystem to find these things in lots of different locations, which is something of value within the platform."
Stephen is actively involved in the AgTech ecosystem and encourages investors and innovators to get on Dealroom to claim their profile. 
“Claiming your profile and inputting your data is not a time consuming thing and it means Dealroom accurately reflects your business.
“Dealroom is very widely used throughout Europe and America, so it gives global reach to Queensland companies and investors.”
“And it’s good from an SEO (search engine optimisation) perspective to be appearing in as many places as possible.”
So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re an investor or startup in Queensland, make sure you sign up to Dealroom Queensland and claim your profile – it’s free.

Last updated 26 Apr, 2023
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