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GCUH patient care quicker than ever with the new OnCallogist app

A team of dedicated nurses and doctors at the Gold Coast University Hospital are making after-hours patient care requests faster and more efficient with creation of the OnCallogist app.

Dr Justin Wong, engineer, frontline doctor at the hospital, and lead developer of the app, realised that there was a critical need for this type of technology after experiencing a busy ward shift where clinicians’ valuable time was wasted by constant pager interruptions. This was leading to a cumbersome and inefficient rotation across wards to check paper lists of requests. And in a hospital with 170,000 square metres of floor space, this meant that the average time taken to complete a job was 104 minutes.

Dr Justin Wong, lead developer of the OnCallogist app.

So the OnCallogist mobile app was created—where clinicians can receive real-time information on patient requests, and prioritise based on the urgency of the request and their location. The OnCallogist app identifies exactly where the doctor is needed and for what reason. When the doctor receives the notification, they can advise how many minutes away they are from the required location. This not only provides the requesting nurse with confirmation that the job has been acknowledged, but also means that the patient can be reassured as to how close the doctor is to arriving.

The app also integrates seamlessly with ‘FaceTime’ technology, where the on-call clinician automatically receives a video call in the event of a request requiring immediate attention, such as a patient experiencing chest pain.

The introduction of this app has led to amazing results, with jobs being completed an average of 42 minutes less through using the OnCallogist app, as compared to the traditional paper-based system.


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