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Dino Zoo brings dinosaurs to life

QUT is giving people the chance to experience life-like interactions with dinosaurs at their digital Dino Zoo display.

The zoo, a free, all-ages installation at QUT’s digital space The Cube, offers an interactive experience with ten prehistoric creatures, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus. Two of Queensland’s very own dinosaurs, Australovenator and the Muttaburrasaurus have also been animated to a level of scientific accuracy never before possible.

The installation has been created by QUT’s team of video game developers, led by the head of The Cube, Sean Druitt. He and his team worked alongside renowned Australian palaeontologist Dr Scott Hucknull over a 12 month period to create the exhibit.

Dino Zoo uses laser sensor technology along the floor so that the dinosaurs can track and measure the location and height of each visitor to the zoo and respond to their movements. Visitors are even encouraged to tap on the glass to interact with the prehistoric beasts.

The dinosaurs have also been given artificial intelligence so that they can move, hunt and graze naturally in their digital environment, providing a truly interactive and realistic experience. This display is a world-first in providing an educational experience based on the latest palaeontological research available from across the globe.

It is part of a bigger suite of activities that Dino Zoo is delivering to teach people about the prehistoric era. This includes documentaries, video games, a digital dig pit to encourage and teach palaeontologists-to-be how to uncover bones, as well as an interactive Earth timeline to show the pattern of tectonic plate movements throughout history.

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