Join the Second Quantum Revolution

Bringing together Queensland's leaders in quantum technology and industry to shape the future of our sector.

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  • Wednesday, 14 June, 2023
  • 12:15pm - 7:30am




The Precinct 315 Brunswick Street #Level 2 Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

In the last few decades our understanding of the way the universe, light, and matter work has undergone a revolution that will change our lives and society as much as the digital computers or semiconductor devices on which we rely minute-to-minute. The scientists and engineers in the research trenches are calling this the Second Quantum Revolution - but most people don't know these massive advances are occurring, many don't even know they are benefiting from the First Quantum Revolution!

The first Quantum Revolution gave us everyday technologies which only a short time ago would have seemed like magic: lasers and optical fibre carry our internet, GPS navigates our journeys, magnetic resonance imaging helps keep us healthy, LEDs light our homes, and myriad other everyday things you probably had no idea were quantum technologies.

We are in the midst of the Second Quantum Revolution and the potential is endless - limited only by imagination and hard work. Already sectors like defence, agtech, medtech, and even the Olympics are exploring how to take advantage of these new quantum technologies and breakthroughs are coming at an astounding speed.

Afternoon industry sessions. Join us to learn:

  • Where is Queensland and Australia in all this?
  • What are our universities and institutes doing to drive progress and help local businesses reap the benefits of the Second Quantum Revolution?
  • How can you engage with these new quantum technologies?
  • How are others doing this already here in Australia?

Evening public Sessions: Quantum Leap: technology to save the world

From Everything Everywhere All at Once to Ant-Man, Hollywood has long had its heroes using quantum technology to save the planet. And the truth isn’t far from the fiction – the possibilities for quantum are endless, and its potential to save humanity from the worst impacts of global warming is being explored by researchers across the world. Join our panel of quantum experts for a conversation that takes quantum technology out of the textbooks and explains the science and its real-world applications today and tomorrow, with a particular focus on its impact on building a more sustainable environment and society. This discussion is a must for everyone who believes in the power of science to change the world for good.