Terms and conditions - The Regional Landing Pad

As these terms and conditions may have changed since your previous booking, please ensure you review the information in this form carefully.


Please ensure that you stay at home if you are sick and go home immediately if you become unwell. Implement measures to maximise the distancing between workers to the extent it is safe and practical and minimise the time that workers are in close contact. Please follow all COVID Safe directives set by The Precinct’s Workplace Manager.


Bookings must be made by completing the Regional Landing Pad booking form (submitted, ideally, at least three working days prior to your booking date). The person completing the request form and whose signature appears on the form is responsible for ensuring all the conditions of hire are complied with and must be over 18 years of age. A separate booking is required for each person requesting to use the Regional Landing Pad.

The Precinct hours

The Precinct is open Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. If access is required outside of these hours, prior written approval must be sought by emailing The Precinct’s Workplace Manager.

Building access

On your arrival, please check in at the concierge desk to receive an access card. The card must be returned at the conclusion of your booking.


If you are arranging deliveries of equipment and materials via couriers, please provide written advice to the Precinct Workplace Manager with a list of items and delivery date. Items may only be delivered one day prior to your arrival and must be collected the day after your departure. There is limited storage space at The Precinct and we cannot guarantee that this is possible.

Loading dock access

If you require loading dock access, arrangements must be made at least 2 working days in advance to ensure access will be available. Due to the nature of the venue, loading dock access is subject to approval by building management and available only if absolutely necessary.

Accessibility requirements

The Precinct’s event spaces are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair and disabled access toilets are available on both Levels 2 and 3. For any specific accessibility requirements you may have, please email the Workplace Manager at workplacemgr@dtis.qld.gov.au.

Cancellations by the hirer

The Precinct makes the Regional Landing Pad space available to support and grow the Queensland Startup and Innovation community. A no-show or last-minute cancellation means others will not be able to access this space. Please provide notification of a cancellation as early as possible. Repeated late cancellations and no-shows will limit your ability to hire the venue in the future.

Cancellations by the venue

The Precinct may cancel a booking by email notice to the hirer if:

  • The Precinct becomes aware that goods or services proposed to be held, or provided by the hirer are objectionable, dangerous, infringes any copyright, is prohibited by law, or would be detrimental to The Precinct or the Queensland Startup and Innovation community.

  • Repairs or alterations to the venue are required.

  • In the event of any emergency The Precinct may cancel a booking without notice.

The hirer agrees under the conditions of hire to accept cancellations as outlined above, and waives the right to make any claim by law or in equity for loss or damage in consequence thereof.

If the venue cancels a booking without fault of the hirer, then the venue may refund fees paid by the hirer.


All damage is to be reported immediately to workplacemgr@dtis.qld.gov.au.


The venue will recover, from the hirer, all costs incurred as a result of damages caused by hirer or associates.

After hours cleaning and air conditioning may be charged. Fees will be confirmed at the time of booking.


The hirer shall be liable for and will indemnify the venue for any claims, loss, damage or injury to any person or property arising from the use of the venue.

Safety and responsibility

  • All emergency services, management representatives and venue employees have the right to access any or all parts of the venue at any time.

  • The signing of the venue booking form is on the basis that the hirer accepts full responsibility for activities undertaken, and for ensuring acceptable risk management assessments and good practices are carried out.

  • At all times, the hirer is to observe and practice general safety, so as not to cause injury/damage to guests, attendees or workers.

  • At no time does the venue accept any responsibility for security/control or safety of the hirers’ property. Hirers must secure their own property to all foreseeable risks. This includes damage and loss of their property.

  • The hirer will comply in every respect with the regulations relating to public buildings and overcrowding, and obstruction of passages, corridors and emergency entry/exit points. Any person causing an offence against such regulations shall be at risk of being removed from the venue.

Evacuation plans

  • Evacuation plans can be found at each main entry to the venue.

  • Hirers are responsible for familiarising themselves with the evacuation plans and procedures and with the location of the firefighting equipment.


Smoking is prohibited in the venue. The hirer must ensure that all participants at the venue comply with this condition. Hirers may want to communicate to participants that smoking is banned in the Fortitude Valley mall areas shown in black below:

Use of the venue

Booking approvals remain at the discretion of the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport and its representatives. The department reserves the right to refuse hire of the venue or any portion thereof without explanation.

The Precinct shall not be used for any illegal or immoral purpose.

All animals, except bona fide assistance dogs, are prohibited from entering The Precinct.

A representative or agent from the department shall at all times have the right to access The Precinct for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the conditions of hire.

All users of the Regional Landing Pad are requested to be respectful and courteous of others who are using the space.