Queensland-based tech start up creates game-based learning for students

Tue, 07/04/2020 - 15:30

Advance Queensland alumni, QuestaGame, have created a free online schools program for students of all ages in the face of COVID-19 school restrictions. 

The QuestaGame For Schools project invites students all over the country to find and upload photographs of local trees, wildlife and insects in a bid to be the highest wildlife “spotter”.
QuestaGame’s program allows students to play and interact with the natural environment while contributing to a greater map of biodiversity, making it an excellent study-from-home science resource.

Starting in April, it’s free, open to students of any age or location, and all that is needed is a phone and the outdoors. 

Visit the Questa Game website for more information.

Last updated 14 Jul, 2020
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