Queensland’s existing and emerging priority industries and talent are globally competitive

Priority outcome 3 — Queensland’s existing and emerging priority industries and talent are globally competitive

Our priority is talent, skills and new technologies. Innovation is critical to growing Queensland’s key priority industries and a high growth economy. We need to continue to build our knowledge economy workforce, encourage more opportunities in STEM and continue to build an entrepreneurial and innovation mindset in schools and students. Having the right skills and talent will ensure Queensland is globally competitive.

Our objectives are to:

  • Increase the proportion of knowledge economy workers in the Queensland workforce.
  • Enhance the contribution of priority industries to the Queensland economy.
  • Increase knowledge-intensive productivity growth.
  • Improve STEM uptake and innovation and entrepreneurial skills in education and the workforce.
Key initiatives Lead agency
Refresh the 10-year Queensland Government Priority Industry Roadmaps. DSDILGP
Deliver the Industry Partnership Program (Qld Jobs Fund). DSDILGP
Deliver the Engaging Science Grants program. DES
Deliver the annual Premier’s Coding Challenge. DoE
Explore future entrepreneurial and innovation workforce opportunities including international student attraction and visa program opportunities. DTIS
Explore new micro-credentials for innovation skills development. DESBT
Support existing and emerging industries to remain competitive through the exploration and adoption of new technologies. DCHDE
Support new skillsets and micro-credentials in future technologies, in partnership with TAFE Qld and the resources-sector led Qld Future Skills Partnership. DTIS
Deliver the Equipping TAFE for our Future program to develop infrastructure to enable skills development in priority and emerging industries. DESBT
Deliver the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan including: defining Queensland’s new economy minerals potential; a Resources Centre of Excellence; supporting automation and technology skill development through the Queensland Future Skills Partnership and a METS collaborative project fund and Accelerator Program. DoR
Deliver the Queensland AgTech Roadmap to drive digital and technological transformation of Queensland’s agriculture sector. DAF
Continue to deliver the Made in Queensland grants program. DRDMW
Continue to deliver the Manufacturing Hubs Grants Program. DRDMW
Encourage seamless entrepreneurship education pathways. IAC
Build innovative thinking in Queensland youth to drive the future generation of innovation. IAC
Develop a model for government to consider to attract and activate talent in the innovation ecosystem. IAC

Lead agencies:

  • DAF — Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • DCHDE — Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy
  • DES — Department of Environment and Science
  • DESBT — Department of Employment, Small Business and Training
  • DoE — Department of Education
  • DoR — Department of Resources
  • DRDMW — Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water
  • DSDILGP — Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning
  • DTIS — Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport
  • IAC — Innovation Advisory Council