Queensland’s big challenges and events are supported through innovative and sustainable solutions

Priority outcome 4 — Queensland’s big challenges and events are supported through innovative and sustainable solutions

Our priority is innovative and sustainable solutions. Queensland’s startups and small and medium sized enterprises (SME) can help government address big challenges, such as disaster management and response, through procurement opportunities as well as providing innovative and sustainable solutions for major events including the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Corporates also play a role in embracing innovation opportunities.

Our objectives are to:

  • Encourage increased innovation and participation by innovative startups and SMEs in Queensland Government procurement.
  • Facilitate more partnerships and contracts between corporates, SMEs and startups.
  • Increase investment to support the development and implementation of solutions for key challenges and events.
  • Improve business collaboration on innovation.
Key initiatives Lead agency
Review opportunities to improve innovation in government procurement including access for innovative suppliers. DEPW, DTIS and QCE
Deliver the Private Sector Pathways pilot program to drive new corporate innovation activity including corporate venturing. DTIS
Deliver a Low Carbon Growth Lab and proof of concept programs to assist Queensland industries to transition to a low carbon economy. DES and QCE
Deliver the Queensland Low Emissions Agriculture Roadmap 2022-2032. DAF
Work with NDIS governing partners to support innovation in the disability support services market and contribute to the performance of Australia’s world-leading NDIS. DSDSATSIP
Explore ways to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery through innovative service delivery at the frontline of patient care and an increased culture of innovation throughout all levels of healthcare planning and implementation. Health
Support system-wide collaboration and innovation to build industry ingenuity and sustainability in the active industry. DTIS (Sport and Rec)
Empower and support innovative community-led responses to local issues through an Innovation Fund, which will support community organisations to take action on the matters that affect their local communities. DCHDE
Deliver public sector innovation education programs. QCE
Develop a Corporate Innovation Pledge. IAC
Create awareness and connections for the corporate sector into the Queensland innovation ecosystem. QCE and IAC
Investigate opportunities to maximise participation of innovative Qld companies in the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. QCE
Work with industry to develop innovative strategies to decarbonise the economy. IAC

Lead agencies:

  • DAF — Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • DCHDE — Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy
  • DEPW — Department of Energy and Public Works
  • DES — Department of Environment and Science
  • DSDSATSIP — Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
  • DTIS — Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport
  • IAC — Innovation Advisory Council
  • QCE — Queensland Chief Entrepreneur