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IdeaHQ offers a fast track program for start ups & scale ups from innovation ideation through to execution and commercialisation. The Program offers a customer centric approach, delivering services needed by founders, at every step of the journey.

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: Pre-accelerator

: Accommodation and Food Services, Arts, Recreation Services, Education, Training, Financial, Insurance, Health Care, Social Support, Information, Media, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Professional, Scientific. Technical Services, Rental, Hiring, Real Estate Services, Retail, Trade, Screen Industry / Arts, Tourism

: IdeaHQ Global Pty Ltd

: 17-01-2024

: 17-01-2028

: Variable

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: Gold Coast

: yes

: Thu, 01/02/2024 - 00:00

: yes

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: yes

: Elizabeth Marshall


Our core priorities are to create a stronger more successful community by providing educational, leadership, experiential & industry expertise to boost the long term sustainability of businesses within our programs & the start up ecosystem. >Our focus is on performance delivery. Quality over quantity. IdeaHQ is a private business, unaffected by external government funding. > All founders are welcome & we have created a BEACHFRONT coworking precinct to facilitate connection. > Targeting pivotal economic drivers within the south east Queensland ecosystem, IdeaHQ delivers programs to suit the tech, sports, tourism, ESG, arts & entertainment industries. > Gold Coast based, with a mission to attract greater innovation & investment to the region. > Our programs are delivered in a hybrid format, due to our global impact. > Our programs work with founders to develop their vision, strategy & business plan > We connect founders with finance / investor networks > IdeaHQ's Talent Innovation Network is our procurement dashboard, that creates efficiencies with supplier validation, service inclusions & contract interactions which saves founders time, money and builds trusted relationships between suppliers & business owners.