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Thu, 04/02/2021 - 15:45

Female founder turns big data into big success

Regardless of how important, innovative or effective a product, service or business may be, without the right communication and PR strategy, it is near impossible to reach the right markets and achieve success.

Queensland’s The Communication Dividend understands the importance of big data and analytics for communication and PR strategy – to determine what’s working, and to help make informed and timely, strategic decisions to achieve better results.

This Female Founded company has achieved global recognition with their mission to bridge the gap between business strategy and communication strategy – helping businesses save time, money and resources and achieve their own success.

The Communication Dividend CEO, Deb Camden said a holistic view of campaign data and real-time analytics is something that is vital and incredibly valuable for business success.

“In business, big data is powerful – measurement, numbers and data are proof of strategy. The Communication Dividend puts this power in the hands of users,” Deb said.

“We simplify big data into clean, sophisticated metrics that are easy to understand and present professionally.”

Deb said The Communication Dividend has benefitted since becoming recipients of the Small Business Digital Grants program and participating in an array of Advance Queensland events, network groups and workshops.

“Support from Advance Queensland was a really great kickstart that has helped us establish the company as a new player in the global PR measurement and evaluation sector,” Deb said.

“This has helped us secure three major global clients, positioned us as thought-leaders across our industry sector, and provided speaking opportunities on the global stage.”

In 2019, the company gained global recognition from the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) in Prague, winning two Bronze Awards at the International Awards for Communication Effectiveness.

“We are so proud that a Queensland innovation has secured a place in the global marketplace. Receiving global recognition from our peers has been hugely validating and has truly demonstrated the value added by communication professionals!” Deb said.

“With Advance Queensland support, we were able to transform an idea into an innovation. This program has given us the confidence to keep going with funding and provided heaps of practical support and advice from people who know the challenges of being an entrepreneur.”

When we asked Deb what tips she had for other budding entrepreneurs and businesses starting out on their innovation journey, she reflected on her journey and offered this advice.

Connect, connect, connect! Being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely journey. Finding others who are passionate about advancing the world through their innovations is a critical investment – and there’s no better place for Queensland startups to start, than with Advance Queensland.

“Even if you don’t secure funding, the process of applying for their programs and grants will help you to refine your business concept and make it even stronger.

“It’s also an opportunity to ask your early customers for their feedback and you’ll be surprised just how motivating it is to hear them expressing the benefits they are experiencing.”

Last updated 04 Feb, 2021
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