Activate your innate leadership code and grow your business confidence

Become a high-impact Business Leader At the FEMME FOUNDER ACADEMY, we empower purpose-driven women in business to break through self-doubt, allowing them to embrace their authentic inner leader so they can take control of their own business success story. We provide comprehensive coaching programs to empower female business leaders to overcome impostor syndrome and take their rightful place as courageous leaders in the business environment. Through proven practices and coaching methodologies, and expert mentorship, we help women claim their inner power and self-confidence, and develop robust communication and negotiation skills, toward becoming the impactful leaders they desire to be.

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: Femme Founder Academy

: 10-08-2023

: 31-07-2024


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: Wed, 09/08/2023 - 13:30

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: Martina Rios


We currently offer 2 coaching programs: 1. Unlock your innate Leadership Code: Your Roadmap to Authentic Leadership. A SIX-step (8 x 90min 1-1 sessions) personalised coaching program guiding you to awaken your inner leadership strengths and gain the confidence you need to lead with conviction toward your desired success. With our support, you will feel in control of your business ambitions, learn to lead with courage, making decisions integrating the power of systemic business perspective which will help transform your future. 2. Activate your Confidence Code: Boost your business confidence. Across each consultation expect to gain clarity, learn new skills, challenge your thinking, improve your communication skills, reflect honestly and openly and get guidance on how to implement your unique insights into action. This program guides you to identify your existing strength assets and your business confidence growth zone. Across 8 individual (60 min) 1-on-1 sessions, you will work with the coach to focus on areas that need the most attention depending on your situation, goals, and stage of business. Connect with us and start with a complimentary clarity or strategy session.