Technology to reduce injury in elite sports

Athletic performance is under the microscope in preparation for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in July this year, and the Paris Olympics in two years’ time.

VALD Performance is one of a small group of innovative companies making Queensland a hotbed for sports technology.

The Brisbane-based company already provides some of the world’s best sporting teams with technology that gives their team an edge. 

These include many elite soccer, basketball, football and baseball teams in England, the United States and Australia. 

VALD’s technology helps measure an athlete’s strength and movement to provide insight into performance, injury risk and rehabilitation.

It’s the result of years of research by sports scientists working with a team of clinicians, designers, engineers, and software developers. 

Founded in 2015 from a research collaboration at the Queensland University of Technology, VALD brought its first product to market in 2016, the NordBord Hamstring Testing System.   

Since then, VALD has broadened its product suite to eight and is now used worldwide by more than 20,000 people in elite sports teams and defence departments, and health practitioners and hospitals. 

Their current clients include 16 NRL teams, 17 AFL teams, 22 NFL teams, 26 NBA teams, 20 MLB teams, 20 EPL teams, more than 120 UEFA Teams, more than 85 American college (NCAA) teams, and more than 70 sporting governing bodies.

The technology gives athletes valuable insights into their bodies and allows coaches to create training programs to correct problems and build strength and condition.  

It takes about two minutes to run individual tests on an athlete and feedback is instantaneous.

Smartphones can be used to access training programs and monitor progress. 

VALD’s innovation is a huge step forward for human measurement and sports science as previously only hospitals and universities could afford complex technology at this level. 

VALD Performance has received two Advance Queensland development grants and an export grant from the Queensland Government, as well as an Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the federal government.  

VALD CEO Laurie Malone said the company are delighted the Queensland Government is backing their vision of democratising musculoskeletal healthcare.

“This investment ensures VALD remains headquartered in Brisbane and allows us to continue our expansion into new markets, including allied health,” Mr Malone said.

“We’ve helped global sporting teams win championships and we now look forward to taking that same technology and using it to help a 72-year-old grandmother rehabilitate from a hip replacement so she can pick up her grandchild.”

Watch the videos to discover more about VALD Performance technology:

Last updated 22 Feb, 2022
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