Sun rising on renewable technology

We sat down with PlexiSun director John Corbett to chat about his company’s business strategy for solar thermal fluid heating. An exciting new entrant into the renewable technology space, this Queensland company’s technology can be fully-integrated into building design offering efficiency and cost-savings to a global audience.

So tell us about your idea…

The technology was invented and developed by Richard and Janice Gourley over the past nine years and initially stemmed from them wanting to develop an alternative solar hot water solution for a beach house. Following the successful development of a solar shower, their technology was further refined and enhanced so that we now have a modular solar thermal/hot water technology that can also be integrated as part of a building structure, for example as a wall, roof or fence. The technology’s volumetric output can also be scaled to suit everything from a single residence, a residential or commercial building through to a range of large scale commercial/industrial applications.

How will the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund Round 3 grant help your idea to develop?

The Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas grant provides us with the funding to develop a full-scale commercial trial site that will allow us to complete the final ‘proof of concept’ testing and also to showcase the technology to prospective local, interstate and international customers.


Let’s say I’d like to work for your company. What do I need to know?

We are a company that has a mass market scaleable technology solution with global applications. We are driven by a design philosophy that solar solutions need to look good and appeal to architectural trends, and can apply to energy efficient large buildings through to modular and cost effective hot water solutions to remote locations and third world countries.

What are the benefits of being an entrepreneur in Queensland?

By far the most important is the business environment where we are able to access the local skills, resources and capital to assist us in taking a great idea and making it a commercial reality.


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