Smart system to provide support during flood events

It was after experiencing two catastrophic flooding events in both Canada and Australia that Water Resources Engineer Juliette Murphy developed FloodMapp — a real-time and predictive flood mapping service.

Codestream Solutions is one of more than 50 successful funding recipients in the latest round of Advance Queensland’s Ignite Ideas program. We spoke with Juliette about their system, FloodMapp and what Ignite Ideas means for them.

“I was living in Brisbane when Cyclone Yasi made landfall in 2011. The catastrophic flooding had submerged a friend’s house, with the floodwaters reaching over the roof. We spent hours cleaning up and trying to salvage her family photos when it was safer. The experience really impacted me.”

“After that, I moved to Calgary, Canada, which also suffered from devastating floods in 2013. Over 75,000 people had to be evacuated with little warning. I took in five friends who had nowhere to go as they had lost their homes due to the flood.”

While in Canada, Juliette met her partner and Codestream Solutions Co-Founder Ryan Prosser who also experienced the impacts of catastrophic flooding first-hand living in Calgary.

FloodMapp Founders Juliette Murphy and Ryan Prosser.

Despite the events being in separate countries, both events drew similar characteristics and outcomes, which showed that residents in flood-affected areas need more time and a more sophisticated understanding of the impacted areas from pulse events (such as floods).

“As a professional Water Resources Engineer with ten years’ experience working in hydrology and flood modelling, these events, combined with my professional background, gave me to the idea to improve community flood preparedness and response.”

In Australia, flooding costs $9 billion in damages every year, with 80% of these damages occurring in Queensland. Flooding costs billions to companies in the Mining, Energy, Utilities, and Agriculture Sectors, every single year.

What started as a passion project, soon turned serious when Juliette and Ryan, a full-stack developer, joined forces and went full time on their venture.

“FloodMapp bridges the gap in knowledge and brokers access to timely flood risk information.

“Our proprietary flood model reads in real-time weather and river height data, and leverages cutting-edge technology (including big data and analytics and machine learning) to help businesses minimise flood-related losses across their assets or insurance portfolio.”

Traditional flood models used by engineering firms can take over 24 hours to compute for large geographical areas.

“Whilst this is very useful for development planning and infrastructure design projects, it means that the models are not suitable for predictive flood mapping during flood events.

“Our rapid flood models can run and update instantly, making them a world’s first solution for large scale flood prediction.”

The Ignite Ideas funding will enable the company to fulfil their vision to expand their footprint to support more Australian cities and expand globally to the United States, Europe and South East Asia.

“Our aim is to support businesses in becoming more resilient to flooding going forward, which we expect will have positive flow-on impacts to communities and local economies, in Queensland and around the world.

“Our vision is to be able to help people on a global scale to evacuate safely, with their loved ones and their valuables.”

Visit the website to find out how the Advance Queensland initiative can help grow your business.

Last updated 05 Mar, 2020
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