Meet Pycno: A startup tackling food security

Pycno is bringing continuous data monitoring and system control to agriculture. They have developed wireless sensors and a software platform that provides farmers with real-time weather and soil data. Now, one of Pycno co-founders, Gaurav Tyagi, is bringing his expertise to Queensland with Hot DesQ.


Gaurav Tyagi

How did Pycno begin/what motivated you?
Agriculture is a $6.4 trillion global industry that employs 1.3 billion people worldwide. With the increase in global population, resources scarcity, and changes in climate, it is important that we understand how to use natural resources better. Agriculture is absolutely essential to the lives of all of us on this planet and Pycno are tackling one of the biggest challenges of this century: food security.

Was it always your goal to be an entrepreneur/startup founder?
No, it was through an unexpected way as my formative years were spent living and working on my family’s farm in a town with a population of around 1,000. I used to help my father in the fields and create solutions for him. Soon my solutions were noticed and adopted by other farmers as well.


The pycno system

Queensland has some pretty harsh conditions for AgTech solutions- are you up to the challenge and ready to get your hands dirty? 
We have a good experience in working with some more challenging countries like India and Nigeria where agriculture has its own challenges and opportunities and we have been able to make a decent impact on their agriculture market. We will be using our learnings from difficult situations and approach Queensland’s agriculture markets accordingly.

What’s the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur?
I would say making decisions and knowing when I am right and when I am wrong. Each day in our businesses we are forced to make decisions on agriculturealmarket, prices, costs, and accepting or declining business deals. Ultimately, the best decisions come from your gut, and the only way you can know you’re sure is by trusting your intuition.

The second hardest thing would be dealing with stress. With any other job, you can go home at night and know that, in most cases, the company you work for is somebody else’s problem. In the case of the entrepreneur, you go home and think about your product, the bills, future growth and challenges. It never leaves you, it just occasionally moves from the front to the back of your mind.


Gaurav presenting at a Hot DesQ event in Queensland

What are you aiming to get out of moving to Queensland with Hot DesQ?
There is lots of pressure on Queensland’s growers these days. We are looking forward to working with the Queensland Government, farmers and growers to help them overcome the challenges they face in agriculture.

What benefits are you bringing to Queensland?
We have been helping farmers with our embedded technology that provides them with valuable information. Not only are we going to help farmers to have better yields but we want to be a go-to information platform for government, crop insurers and for agricultural institutes for research purpose as well; which will boost Queensland’s agriculture sector.


Another Pycno co-founder, Nahuel Lavino pitching. Nahuel plans to visit Queensland while Guarav is here.

What is your vision for the future of Pycno?
Pycno’s focus is to assist in solving the big challenges of mankind by providing people with quality high empirical data from any source and analysing it, so we can better understand the problems, and make the most logical decisions.


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