Getting steamy for a super cool startup

In tropical Queensland, business is looking very cool indeed for ground-breaking startup, Cool Mine Pty Ltd. With no direct competitors for its flagship product, The Cool Tube™, the company has acquired an enviable customer base of Australia’s blue chip mining houses and their key contractors. We spoke to the company’s sales and accounts guru, Vanessa Gleadhill about global exports and outside-the-box thinking.

Vanessa Gleadhill

So tell us about your idea…

The Cool Tube is an innovative rapid cooling device for underground mining and heavy industry. The device weighs 6kg and requires no electrical energy input. When supplied with seven bar of compressed air at a nominal temperature of 28°C, The Cool Tube delivers on average 6 to 4°C chilled air, at rates of 35–52L/Sec. It’s lightweight, portable, mine compliant with no greenhouse gas emissions (as with incumbent cooling systems), and no moving or maintainable parts.

The Cool Tube can be used to cool air in many potential circumstances in different industries:

· Underground mining activities that are low ventilation or in hot/humid areas
· Additional cooled ventilation to frictional ignition areas.
· Confined space locations such as vessels, dragline tubs, hoppers.
· Concealed areas, tunnels and shafts.
· Fixed equipment and infrastructure cooling IE transformers, electric motors, gearboxes, radiators and bearings.
· Recovery tent cooling.
· Positive pressure air-conditioned refuge chambers, change-over bases and crib areas.

How will Ignite Ideas 3 funding help your idea to develop?

Ignite Ideas funding will take The Cool Tube to the next level of platform technology development, ensuring industry needs are being met with increased performance and volume of cool air delivered to work places, confined and concealed spaces. We are focused on evolving from close quarter and enclosed space cooling to medium range spot cooling, in particular, for use in underground mines. In these circumstances compressed air is abundant compared to other forms of energy such as electricity which are restricted in its use in hazardous environments such as underground collierys managing explosive environments.

Let’s say I’d like to work for your company. What do I need to know?

You will need a passion for innovation and outside-the-box thinking, a practical knowledge and experience in mining and heavy industry and a focus on the delivery of products and services designed and applied to benefit the health and safety of the workforce.

What are the benefits of being an entrepreneur in Queensland?

With the support of government sponsored programs such as Advance Queensland’s Ignite Ideas, a stable economy and diverse range of industries and skills, we find Queensland an ideal environment in which to launch and promote new products and ideas — in particular to the mining and heavy industry sectors. Along with its relaxed lifestyle and affordable living, Queensland also offers continuous opportunity with seemingly endless growth and prospects for future expansion as a readily recognisable base for targeted global exports of The Cool Tube.


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