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From Louisville to Longreach: Roving Entrepreneur sets up new residence

Daniel Johnsen, the current Entrepreneur in Residence with Central Western Queensland organisation RAPAD us how he ended up in Queensland, his extensive experience with startup weekends and his first impressions of Outback Queensland.

Hot DesQ

Robot Queen returns to Queensland

Marita Cheng, crowned the Robot Queen, has packed her bags to head back home to Queensland and she brought her Aubot telepresence robots (that let ‘you’ be in two places at once) with her.

Testing Within Government

Turning the cameras on crime

Video footage can be critical for police in solving crimes and improving public safety. And digital technology means that more video footage is captured in our communities than ever before — using security cameras, CCTV and even our smartphones. For the police, the opportunity lies in efficiently bring all the available video evidence from crime scenes or incidents together in real time.

Ignite Ideas

Tech cricket tool works on muscle memory

If you’re batting in a game of cricket and want to avoid an LBW or you’ve often starred down the pitch at an intimidating googly, you need the unique training tool, Techshot. We chatted to Queensland’s company founder Will Prowse about his incredible training aid for cricket which works on the body’s muscle memory.

Brisbane music tech company changing Australia’s nightlife

We sit down with Mark Brownlee, Nightlife Music’s Co-Founder and Managing Director to talk about how they have remained competitive in the constantly changing music industry, his love for music, and staying true to their point of difference.

Testing Within Government

Using data to improve your hospital stay

Imagine you’re suffering a knee injury. After visiting the GP, you get a specialist referral, then you’re admitted into hospital for surgery. Once your knee is repaired in surgery, you become an outpatient and start on the road to recovery.

Hot DesQ

Starting afresh in Queensland: Nikki Durkin’s next adventure

Nikki Durkin captured Australia’s attention with the initial success of her startup, 99dresses. When it all came crashing down a few years later in 2014 Nikki shared her experience and learnings with the world. She’s since changed direction and founded CodeMakers, which teaches kids to code by teaching them Minecraft mods.

Ignite Ideas Fund

Taking flight with the Halo UAV

Iridium Dynamics was founded in 2015 by a mechatronic engineering graduate to design new innovative aerospace technology. In 2017, the company was attracted to Queensland from New South Wales as part of the Advance Queensland Hot DesQ program. CEO Ian Conway Lamb talks UAVs in a commercial market set to reach USD $28.27 billion by 2022.

Community Digital Champions

Digital whiz kid inspires others to use technology

Scott Millar has achieved more than most people his age. This busy 17 year-old is the CEO and founder of his own business, runs STEM-maker workshops to get people involved with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and juggles study for grade 12 exams.

Ignite Ideas Fund

Immersed in the Future

Ideal dinner guests, the bold new frontiers of virtual reality and the controversies of A.I were discussed with Immersive Robotics founder, Tim Lucas, from his company’s sunny base in Brisbane, Australia.

Round trip from Queensland to Texas

Griffith University student Tahlya Boreham travelled to Texas for the 3 Day Startup Global Roundup. Currently in her second year of studying towards her bachelor of business in entrepreneurship and self-employment and a bachelor of international business and international management, she tells us about competing to win the ‘worst pitch’ award, her favourite startup weekends and her plans for the future.

Industry Accelerator Program

Miner’s canary in the age of space travel

We caught up with Alex Moss, CEO & Head Designer at Canaria and Product Development Director Dr Rob Finean in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Alex and Rob are currently in Queensland taking part in the energy and resources sector focused Unearthed Accelerator. With James Lynn, their London based team member, they are making a personal safety wearable that provides comfortable, unobtrusive biomedical monitoring of vitals.

Ignite Ideas Fund

A new rule of law

We caught up with Helix Legal Group Director Janelle Kerrisk to chat about the start-up legal business founded by herself and Sarah Roach. The business provides traditional commercial law services, specialising in the construction and energy industries but that is where the tradition ends. Helix is turning what it means to be a law firm on its head and driving technology solutions like LawLancer for the future of law.

Hot DesQ

Crowdfunding Kiwi packs bags for Queensland

PledgeMe co-founder and self-acclaimed Chief Bubble Blower Anna Guenther is making the leap across the ditch to Queensland with Hot DesQ. PledgeMe is a crowdfunding platform helping people to raise money to turn their ideas into reality. Since PledgeMe launched in Wellington, New Zealand five years ago they’ve helped over 1,100 creative, community and entrepreneurial projects meet their goals, with over $15 million pledged.

Hot DesQ

Meet Pycno: A startup tackling food security

Pycno is bringing continuous data monitoring and system control to agriculture. They have developed wireless sensors and a software platform that provides farmers with real-time weather and soil data. Now, one of Pycno co-founders, Guarav Tyagi, is bringing his expertise to Queensland with Hot DesQ.

Ignite Ideas Fund

All systems go for children’s literacy

We talk to Like a Photon Creative (LAPC) Managing Director Kristen Souvlis about their joyful, creative culture and the duo’s plans to take on the world with new app, KINDERGO.

Ignite Ideas Fund

Getting steamy for a super cool startup

In tropical Queensland, business is looking very cool indeed for ground-breaking startup, Cool Mine Pty Ltd. With no direct competitors for its flagship product, The Cool Tube™, the company has acquired an enviable customer base of Australia’s blue chip mining houses and their key contractors.

Ignite Ideas Fund

Opening up Queensland to digital currency tourism

TravelbyBit CEO Caleb Yeoh is inviting you to come and experience where Bitcoin takes you in Queensland, Australia. Caleb and his team are building a network of travel merchants that take payment in digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Ignite Ideas Fund

In defence of sporting excellence

Proud Queenslander and Fusion Sport CEO, Dr Markus Deutsch talked to us about endurance, the Olympic Games and the company’s steady march towards a defence force clientele.

Ignite Ideas Fund

Sun rising on renewable technology

We sat down with PlexiSun director John Corbett to chat about his company’s business strategy for solar thermal fluid heating. An exciting new entrant into the renewable technology space, this Queensland company’s technology can be fully-integrated into building design offering efficiency and cost-savings to a global audience.

Community Digital Champions

Generating digital skills in Bundaberg

Social media professional, Dan Willersdorf has worked with social media since Facebook advertising began in 2012. Today, Dan shares his expert knowledge to help his community become digitally-savvy.

Myriad Regional Innovators Showcase 2017

Equipped to Discover Outback Queensland

Successful entrepreneur Geoff Pike is mentoring startups to grow sustainably in Outback Queensland.

Myriad Regional Innovators Showcase 2017

How one Bundaberg organisation is changing the assisted technology landscape

Damien Tracey, CEO of Community Lifestyle Support, on innovative technology improving the lives of people with disability.

Startup Catalyst AgTech delegation to Israel

Scout Aerial gearing up for flight to Tel Aviv

We sit down with Scout Aerial MD Patrick Weeden to discuss success and the best advice he’s ever received.

Hot DesQ

The Ipswich mum doing the hard yards to make parenting easier

Anne-Marie Walton on her journey from being the mum every kid wants to play with, to becoming a startup founder developing her own unique parenting app.

Ignite Ideas

Robust research and taking a disciplined approach

Primed to hit the US market with a botanical osteoarthritis treatment, Gold Coaster Persis Anderson gives testimony to finding and leveraging your point-of-difference.

Hot DesQ, Industry Accelerator Program and Advancing Regional Innovation Program

Sun shining on innovation on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

Mark Paddenburg, CEO of the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, on the importance of connections, hosting Hot DesQ artificial intelligence recruitment company Wazlo and the future of regional Queensland.

Myriad Regional Innovators Showcase 2017

Inventing new ways to avoid retirement

Craig and Leslie Hanson, Smart Sinks founders, moved from the city to Gympie to retire, but instead started a new business developing one of Craig’s inventions.

Myriad Regional Innovators Showcase 2017

Can’t we all just get along? App aiming to minimise rental disputes

We have a light hearted chat with Townsville based Comit co-founders and Guard My Lease developers Zane Grant and Aden Tranter about sharing drinks with VCs, Queensland’s innovation and investment summit Myriad and helping landlords and tenants get along.

Ignite Ideas

A rose by any other name: Rose Cup helping the frail to swallow

Toowoomba based General Practitioner Gawie Roux and wife Hannelie, a Registered Nurse, have worked together to develop a world-first feeding device that could improve life for millions of people who have difficulty swallowing.

Myriad Regional Innovators Showcase 2017

Passion for outdoors clicks with travel crockery range

ClipCroc co-founder Chris Wands from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast talks hatching ideas, global brands and his 100% Queensland-owned company set to change the travel experience.

Hot DesQ

The one thing Hot DesQ winners should pack in their suitcase

Hot DesQ is the Queensland government’s startup attraction program. We caught up with Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, Mark Sowerby, to find out more about how businesses can catch the next wave to Queensland, fast becoming Australia’s startup state.

Hot DesQ

Robot recruiters are here and it’s ok says Joshua Brown of Wazlo

Joshua Brown and his co-founder Dhrubajyoti Das were students in California who started Ag for Hire for seasonal workers. They pivoted their biz to Wazlo, an AI tool that streamlines recruitment.

Hot DesQ

Skates alive! Kevin Straszburger of Krak shares his best startup advice

Kevin Straszburger, founder and skater-in-chief of skateboard subscription company Krak, recently moved from Berlin to Brisbane as part of Advance Queensland’s startup attraction program Hot DesQ.

Down with down time — Queensland aerospace company’s innovative wearable tech set to revolutionise aircraft maintenance

Wearable technology is a hot topic right now. But beyond the fads of fitness trackers and Google glasses, wearable technology is also keeping planes in the skies — thanks to fountx.

Myriad Regional Innovators Showcase 2017

Rowena Burley on an executive learning curve

Based in North Queensland and sewing since the age of eight, inspirational CEO/Founder/Creative Director of The Elegant Executive Curve Rowena Burley talks about socially-responsible fashion, pleasant surprises and supporting artisan skills.

From Mower Blades to Fighter Jets: How One Queensland manufacturing business has taken flight

As a child, Karen Stanton remembers sitting on a stool in her father’s small metal workshop in suburban Brisbane, feeding mower blades into a kiln.

Hot DesQ

Life, death and the universe with Eternime founder Marius Ursache

Marius Ursache is the man behind Eternime — a platform that lets your memories live forever, talks about first impressions (in job candidates), second life and avoiding the third death.

Ignite Ideas, Myriad Regional Innovators Showcase 2017

Tiltsta’s Bonny Morlak talks cultural fit and the joy of shopping

Tiltsta’s Bonny Morlak and company co-founder Ben Thomas operate their creative venture from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. We talked to Bonny about inspirational role models and doing great work, that’s fun.

Myriad 2017

Fantastic Festivals and where to find them with Myriad’s Murray Galbraith

Murray Galbraith and Martin Talvari are the creative force behind myriadlive, Brisbane’s landmark innovation festival. Before the festival kicks off we caught up with Murray to find out the story behind Myriad, what’s in it for Queensland and his fave emojis.

Hot DesQ

One place for all your cards from Queensland startup CoverCard

Matt Tomlins’ saw a demand in the market and made a product. It’s a classic entrepreneur story with a detour to Queensland. Tomlin’s business CoverCard was a recipient of Hot DesQ funding, Advance Queensland’s startup attraction program.

Hot DesQ

The true story of how a Canadian startup moved to Brisbane

Derek Jouppi of Suncayr relocated to Australia as part of the Advance Queensland startup attraction program Hot DesQ. Here’s Derek’s story.

Myriad 2017

Ally Watson codes like a girl — and is proud of it

We recently had a chat to the Code Like a Girl co-founder and upcoming Myriad guest, Ally Watson.

Testing Within Government

Buoy! Oh buoy! Budding scientists can check out Brisbane’s water quality at the World Science Festival buoy

As we get ready for World Science Festival Brisbane we spoke to Tracey Kay from Axalon, one of our participants from the Testing Within Government program.

Ignite Ideas

Richard Romanowski: Walking on sunshine

The team at Elevare are at work on solar power and batteries to solve the world’s energy problems.

Griffith University’s Dr Sarah Gardiner wants you to meet Queensland tourism’s bright young things

Tourism expert Dr Sarah Gardiner, 40, says with one third of tourists to Queensland aged under 30 it is now young entrepreneurs who will make commercial tourism thrive.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Theo Mitrakis and the team at Statcom Solutions are a new kind of power rangers

Something that may come to a surprise to Queenslanders is that the state’s increase in renewable energy sources means problems for our ageing power networks.

Ignite Ideas

Leaf it with us. How an engineer and a farmer developed a software system to get (more) salad on your plate

Growing up on acreage outside Roma, Matt Burey, 36, imagined himself not as a farmer but a man on the way to a career in technology.

Hot DesQ

The whole tooth: New Queenslander Ingrid Rodriguez aims to help us all with mouth health

Ingrid Rodriguez, 45, has always known her purpose in life was to help others and there are many tales of her unending empathy.

Ignite Ideas

Admedus Immunotherapies: creators of life-saving global vaccines

Father of two, Neil Finlayson, 54, is Chief Executive Officer of Brisbane-based Admedus Immunotherapies. Working with immunologist and former Australian of the Year, Professor Ian Frazer, Admedus is developing therapeutic vaccines for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and cancers.

Young Starters’ Fund

Come together! Dr Margarietha de Villiers Scheepers is connecting the Sunshine Coast’s entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Dr Margarietha de Villiers Scheepers moved her family from South Africa to join the University of the Sunshine Coast as a researcher and lecturer on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management in 2010.

Hot DesQ

Startup maven Holly Cardew of Pixc has three million reasons to move to Queensland

Nurtured to success in the Silicon Valley the 29 year-old entrepreneur is fresh off the plane and back in Queensland to create the next innovation valley.


The story behind Australia’s first Indigenous Startup Weekend

Brisbane local and proud Kamilaroi man Troy Casey, 32, is proof there is no shame in asking questions. With colleague Dean Foley, Troy read about startup business weekends Google were hosting and decided Indigenous Australia needed a bit of the action too.

Ignite Ideas

Under the Townsville sun: A skincare company using science from the Great Barrier Reef

Larissa Bright followed love from Sydney to North Queensland but more than 20 years later she is exporting from Townsville to the world.

Ignite Ideas

Ahoy! Cairns couple develop a new kind of anchor to be gentle on the environment

Margaret Powell pulled hard on the rope but the anchor did not budge — stuck hard in the endangered Queensland reef below.

Startup Events and Activities Fund

Build it and they will come. How David Masefield launched Startup Toowoomba and Canvas Coworking space

Boasting a varied career across hospitality, convention and exhibition management, selling antiques and building steel frames, David Masefield, 50, is now empowering Darling Downs locals to embrace innovation.

Ignite Ideas

(Not so) mean machines. Brisbane’s Brad Parsons gets the most from industrial equipment

Did you know there are 2.6 billion electric motors in the world using 43% of the planet’s electricity? Brad Parsons does and he realised if these motors or machines aren’t functioning efficiently, there is an instant and huge impact on the world’s precious resources.

Hot DesQ

How two guys developed a parents’ internet must-have and moved to Cairns

High school mates Adam Mills, 36, and Steve Pack, 36, have always had a passion for technology but they could never agree on where to focus their talent.

Community Digital Champions

Young Australian of the Year nominee Taj Pabari is a secret Home and Away fan (and a really great social entrepreneur)

We recently sat down with nominee for Young Australian of the Year, Queensland Young Australian of the Year and Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion Taj Pabari.

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