World of Drones Congress

World of Drones Congress is all about the business of drones and how drones can be applied to industry, business and the delivery of government services.

The World of Drones Congress 2019 will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 26 to 27 September 2019.
Over 1200 delegates from across the Asia Pacific and beyond are expected to attend and the congress will feature a fascinating Expo with over 30 exhibitors from Australia, China and Japan.
The 2019 event has included the launch of Australia’s very first state-wide Drones Strategy by the Premier of Queensland and the first Australian National Drone Safety Forum. With a totally new design, vastly expanded drone flying space, a new emphasis encompassing defence industries and drone safety and enhanced public access.

In its very first year, 2017, the World of Drones Congress (WoDC) became the largest and most comprehensive drone conference ever held in Australasia/Oceania. World of Drones Congress 2018 returned to Brisbane with an expanded program and new interactive activities. 2018 also marked the inauguration of the National Defence Industries Drone Forum which joined the other forum to be held during the congress, the National Drone Safety Forum.

The 2018 Congress focused on the burgeoning commercial applications of drones, including planning smart cities, training, agriculture, health and humanitarian needs, plus drones laws, regulation and new jobs for the future.

WoDC is largely made possible by the valuable contribution of the Queensland Government and our major sponsors.
Unquestionably, drones will be part of everyone's future and WoDC serves an important function in communicating the latest trends and applications of this rapidly evolving technology.
Registrations are now open.
For more information visit the World of Drones website.
Last updated 21 Jun, 2019
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