Sales Masterclass with Ian Mason - Part II

Sales Masterclass with Ian Mason

Part II: Surefire Sales Techniques for Startups

This is the second event presented by Ian Mason as part of the Sales Masterclass series. No prior knowledge of previous masterclasses is required.

What's the easiest way to grow your start-up? Sell as much you can.

Learning to sell can help you achieve your goals, and it might even help make your start-up more attractive to customers and investors alike.

We’ll look at the sales process in detail, work out how you can translate that into something meaningful for your start-up and then learn some key skills and techniques to help you along the way.

Ian Mason is best known as the Head of Development at London-based Virgin Startup. He has not only mentored for the QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) Collider Accelerator in both 2017 and 2018, but also joined Chief Entrepreneur, Steve Baxter on a number of visits to towns, cities and communities outside Brisbane.

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Last updated 02 Oct, 2018
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