Economic Evolution: Ancient Coins to Digital Currency

Discover the evolution of money, from barter to digital currencies, including Bitcoin's role and CBDCs, in our dynamic financial workshop.

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  • Wednesday, 21 February, 2024
  • 17:00pm - 19:00pm


Women in Digital Economy


Level 2- 315 Brunswick Street
Brisbane QLD 4006

This event is for individuals eager to understand the evolving realms of money, finance, and technology. It covers the shift from traditional economic systems to digital currencies, foundational to understanding for personal or professional advantage.

Participants will explore the history of money, from barter systems to digital currencies. Topics include the evolution of debt, the shift from gold-backed to fiat currencies, and banking system developments. A special focus on Bitcoin will provide insights into its mechanics, comparison to traditional money, and its role in the wider cryptocurrency world. The event will also highlight central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and their future role.

Beyond historical and technical aspects, the event will address the global impact of economic systems, and currency technology advancements, and briefly discuss the socio-ethical and environmental aspects of digital currencies. This event is ideal for those seeking to stay informed and benefit from the dynamic financial landscape.

Meet your host

Danielle Marie

Danielle Marie, a seasoned Blockchain Educator, Crypto Enthusiast, and Community Organizer, who is deeply committed to advancing knowledge and nurturing development within the blockchain arena. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in the industry, she founded Women in Digital Economy, an initiative aimed at empowering more women to enter the field through education and mentorship programs.

Danielle also established ALL THINGS BLOCKCHAIN, a non-profit association providing free educational and networking events to foster growth within the Australian blockchain ecosystem.

As a certified trainer and assessor for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain, Danielle’s goal is to empower individuals and businesses to leverage the power of this ground-breaking technology. Currently, she is the head blockchain trainer for TAFE QLD, where she helps students learn how to apply blockchain technology in business settings.

Danielle's work continues to break new ground in the digital economy, inspiring and enabling more women to become active participants and leaders in the blockchain space.

Rachael Jones

Rachael is at the cutting edge of Web3 development, leveraging her proficiency in blockchain technology to reshape the digital economy. Her current engagement in an intensive internship with a premier Web3 development agency, underscores her commitment to exploring the far-reaching potentials of blockchain in emerging markets. With a strong foundation in financial economics, including a Master’s degree and a Diploma in Applied Blockchain, she brings a unique blend of technical savvy and strategic insight.

In addition to her focus on Web3, Rachael has a solid background in financial analysis, specializing in investment strategies and cost reduction methodologies. Her innovative approach extends beyond the technical aspects of finance, aiming to create substantial social and cultural impacts through inclusive financial practices.