Crowdfunding: the secrets behind the $1 million plus campaigns


Join ReadyFundGo to find out the secrets behind the $1 million+ global crowdfunding campaigns.

If you are a startup or an existing business, a scientist or an inventor with an idea, prototype or market-ready product - find out whether crowdfunding will work for you.

Learn about controlling the process with a smart strategy and steps towards your funding goal as you expose your brand to the world. It takes graft and a team with specialist skills.

Hear from Bojan Smiljanic and Claudio Melfi, two of the world's leading crowdfunding consultants, as ReadyFundGo launch their Academy in Australia.

The ReadyFundGo Crowdfunding Academy is supported by funding from the Australian Government under its Entrepreneurs‘ Programme.

Find out more.

Last updated 07 Feb, 2019
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