Advance Queensland at the Ekka

Advance Queensland at the Ekka 2018

Discover the world of Virtual Reality at the Advance Queensland display and immerse yourself in amazing VR experiences.

Advanced technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and autonomous machines and vehicles will play a huge role in your future. They will be a big part of the jobs you do, the homes you live in, how you communicate, travel, learn and play, and how you bring your ideas to life.

Advance Queensland is helping grow skills and knowledge across our State so Queensland kids can become future technology leaders.

Join us each weekend to delve into real world of VR and learn how it is being used to understand the world around us.

Featuring our VR partners:

The Tree-Kangaroo and Mammal Group

First weekend only - 11-12 August

Using the latest technology to create a 3D VR wildlife experience, “Kimberley” the tree kangaroo aims to educate audiences about the unique upland endemic species of the Wet Tropics. This region is an important part of Australia’s natural heritage and makes a significant contribution to the Outstanding Universal Value of the WTWHA. In 2014, it was ranked the second most irreplaceable natural terrestrial World Heritage site on Earth.

The Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group has worked with James Cook University’s IT Academy to create Kimberley. She is based on a real-life tree kangaroo who was hand raised by Margit Cianelli at Lumholtz Lodge. This made the real Kimberley the perfect model for their virtual Kimberly. Using the latest gaming technology, Kimberley and her habitat were built from scratch. Hundreds of photos and videos of Kimberley and other tree kangaroos were digitised to sculpt virtual Kimberley and make sure she behaved as close as possible to real life.

The Tree-kangaroo and Mammal Group and James Cook University collaborated on the Kimberley Project and received funding from:

  • Australian Government - National Landcare Program (via Terrain NRM – Local Community Grants)
  • Australian Government – Community Heritage and Icons Grant Program
  • Queensland Government – Gambling Community Benefit Fund
  • Queensland Government, Office of the Chief Scientist - Engaging Science Grants

Find out more at or follow them on social media: Facebook (@TreeKangarooAwareness).


Second weekend only - 18-19 August

CoralWatch promotes healthy reefs through education, research and monitoring.  CoralWatch based at The University of Queensland, is a well-established citizen science program integrating volunteer coral health monitoring with reef education and public outreach in 137 countries.

CoralWatch will engage with the public at Ekka presenting the latest reef science, creating reef awareness and provide suggestions on how you can help the reef from home. Experience the reef through immersive Virtual Reality, a new and exciting technology, participate in a quiz and meet the CoralWatch team.

Find out more at or follow them on social media: Facebook (#coralwatch or @CoralWatch), Twitter (@Coral_Watch) or Instagram (@coral_watch).

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