Women's Research Assistance Program (WRAP) frequently asked questions

Women's Research Assistance Program (WRAP) frequently asked questions

  • Who manages the Women's Research Assistance Program (WRAP) scheme on behalf of the Queensland Government?

    The WRAP scheme is managed and administered by the Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development (the department).

  • How do I apply for Advance Queensland WRAP funding?

    Applications must be submitted online. The application form can be accessed via the Advance Queensland webpage.

  • What is the closing date for applications?

    Applications can be submitted at any time and will be assessed in order of receipt within two weeks. Applications will be accepted until the funding pool is exhausted, or until 31 December 2021 if the funds are not exhausted.

  • When should I apply for WRAP funding?

    Applications for WRAP funding can be submitted as soon as the Primary Researcher’s maternity or adoption leave has been approved. The latest timeframe by which an application can be submitted is the date six weeks after the Primary Researcher’s return to work date as per the maternity or adoption leave approval.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for WRAP funding?

    The Applicant Organisation must be a Queensland university or research institute/organisation based in Queensland that:

    The Primary Researcher is the researcher nominated by the Applicant Organisation who will benefit from the WRAP funding. The Primary Researcher must:

    • is registered for GST
    • has an Australian Business Number (ABN)
    • has maternity and/or adoption leave programs for their staff
    • will provide the required co-funding.
      • be employed by the Applicant Organisation
      • be female
      • be an Australian citizen or have Australian residency (permanent or temporary)
      • have a PhD qualification
      • conduct research in her position within the Applicant Organisation (part-time or full-time)
      • be commencing Applicant Organisation approved maternity or adoption leave on or after 1 January 2019
      • intend to resume research duties following the maternity/adoption leave.
  • How much funding is available per award?

    Funding up to $26,000 (excluding GST) is available to support the nominated Primary Researcher. This funding will contribute to the salary of a replacement researcher, research technician or a research/ laboratory assistant to maintain the research momentum of the project while the Primary Researcher is on approved maternity/adoption leave, or when she resumes her research following approved maternity/adoption leave.

    The Applicant Organisation is required to co-fund the WRAP, with increasing contributions over time to assist in transitioning the funding of this or similar initiatives to the employing organisation. The applicant organisation co-funding requirements are specified in Table 1.

    TABLE 1: The Applicant Organisation and Queensland Government Advance Queensland WRAP co-funding contributions.

    Calendar Year of Leave # WRAP co- funding contributions
    2019 Applicant Organisation - 25% Queensland Government - 75%
    2020 Applicant Organisation - 50% Queensland Government - 50%
    2021 Applicant Organisation - 75% Queensland Government - 25%
    # The year that the first day of approved leave commences.

    The funding entitlement will be calculated on a pro-rata rate of up to $1,000 per week (excluding GST) for approved maternity/adoption leave of 13 to 26 weeks duration. For example, a researcher who is employed in a 50 per cent FTE research capacity for 26 weeks maternity leave is entitled to $13,000 (excluding GST) in WRAP funding.

  • Who receives the funding?

    The funding is paid to the Applicant Organisation.

  • When will the funding be paid?

    The Advance Queensland component of the funding will be paid to the applicant organisation as follows:

    • 80 per cent of the funding following the funding approval.
    • 20 per cent of the funding following the submission of a satisfactory report within the reporting timeframes.
  • When must the WRAP funding be used by?

    All WRAP funding must be utilised within:

    • six months of the Primary Researcher returning from maternity/adoption leave if the total funding is up to $13,000 (excluding GST), or
    • 12 months of the Primary Researcher returning from maternity/adoption leave if the total funding is more than $13,000 (excluding GST). The Applicant Organisation must accept the above funding conditions.
  • What is the definition of the maternity/adoption leave period?

    Maternity/adoption leave is the period the Primary Researcher is on approved leave from work for the purposes of preparing for, and/or caring for, a new baby or adoptive child.

    The maternity/adoption leave period is considered to have ceased once the Primary Researcher has returned to work in any capacity (full-time or part-time).

  • Can WRAP funding be claimed if the approved maternity/adoption leave commenced before the start of the WRAP program (1 January 2019)?

    No. To apply for WRAP funding the Primary Researcher must have commenced maternity/adoption leave on or after the commencement date of the program (1 January 2019).

  • How much approved maternity/adoptive leave can WRAP be claimed for?

    WRAP claims can be submitted for approved maternity/adoption leave of 13 to 26 weeks duration. Leave in excess of 26 weeks will not be included in determining the WRAP funding entitlement, that is, the WRAP entitlement will be determined as the entitlement for 26 weeks.

  • Will WRAP funding be approved for someone who works in a research area but is not a researcher with research project responsibilities?

    No. The funding is only available to PhD qualified staff who conduct research.

  • Does the Primary Researcher have to be a full-time researcher to receive WRAP funding?

    No. Both part-time and full-time researchers can be considered for WRAP funding. The funding is only available to PhD qualified staff who conduct research. The funding entitlement will be calculated on a pro-rata rate of up to $1,000 per week for a full-time researcher for a maximum of 26 weeks.

  • What happens if the Primary Researcher returns to work earlier than anticipated following maternity/adoption leave?

    You must advise the department, as the WRAP funding entitlement may be less than it was when originally awarded. If this happens, the funding amount will be re-calculated and you must repay the department any received funds that you are not entitled to.

  • What happens if there are unspent funds at the end of the project?

    You must repay the department unspent funds at project completion.

  • Can WRAP funding be used to substitute the salary of an existing person employed to assist the Primary Researcher prior to the approved maternity/adoption leave?

    No, funding cannot be used to substitute a salary. However, WRAP funding can be used to extend the hours of an existing staff member to assist in managing the Primary Researcher's project while she is on leave. For example: if an existing staff member assisted the Primary Researcher in a 0.5 FTE capacity prior to the maternity/adoption leave, and this increases to 0.8 FTE while the Primary Researcher is on leave, the increase in time commitment to the project (0.3 FTE) can be supported by WRAP funding.

  • Can the Primary Researcher be replaced by someone who is currently receiving other Queensland Government science funding?

    No. The new resource cannot be an employee receiving other Queensland Government science funding.

  • Can a Queensland Government department or Queensland Government funded hospital or health service receive WRAP funding?

    No. Queensland Government departments including Queensland Government funded hospitals and health services are not eligible to apply for WRAP funding to support their employed researchers.

    Where a Queensland Government employee engaged in research holds a joint appointment with a Queensland university or research institute/organisation based in Queensland, WRAP funding can only be applied for in relation to the percentage of the employee’s employment spent on research with the Queensland university or research institute/organisations based in Queensland.

  • Should the department be contacted if anything changes?

    Yes. It is important to contact the department if anything changes, including the contact details of the Primary Researcher.

  • Can men apply for WRAP Funding?

    No. Men are not eligible for WRAP funding.


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