Women's Research Assistance Program (WRAP)

Supporting female scientists within Queensland-based research organisations to maintain their research when they are on maternity or adoption leave.

What's important

  • Applications are now open.
  • Grants of up to $26,000 are available to eligible Queensland-based applicants.
  • Specific eligibility criteria must be met by applicants.
  • The program will close when the total funding allocation has been exhausted.


Applicant organisations can seek WRAP funding for female researchers who must:

  • be employed by a Queensland university or research institute or organisation based in Queensland that is registered for GST and has an Australian Business Number
  • conduct research as all, or part, of their duties
  • have maternity or adoption leave, commencing on or after 1 January 2019, approved by the applicant organisation
  • be Australian citizens, or have Australian residency
  • have a PhD research qualification
  • resume their research duties following maternity/adoption leave.

Available Funding

Funding of up to $26,000 (excluding GST) for eligible organisations, to contribute to employing a researcher or research/laboratory assistant to help maintain research progress during or immediately following a maternity break.

This comprises a maximum grant based on $1,000 per week of leave up to
26 weeks. A minimum leave period of 13 weeks applies.

The applicant organisation/employer of the nominated researcher must provide co-funding as specified in Table 1.

TABLE 1:  The Applicant Organisation and Queensland Government Advance Queensland WRAP co-funding contributions.

Calendar Year of Leave #     WRAP co- funding contributions
2019   Applicant Organisation - 25%
  Queensland Government - 75%
2020 Applicant Organisation - 50%
  Queensland Government - 50%
2021 Applicant Organisation - 75%
  Queensland Government - 25%

# The year that the first day of approved leave commences.

Guidelines and conditions

How to apply

Each application must contain:

About the Women's Research Assistance Program

The Advance Queensland Women’s Research Assistance Program will support women in maintaining their research careers and consequently encourage retention of female researchers in their chosen profession in Queensland. This will be done through the provision of funding to support a nominated researcher to maintain her research momentum while she is on maternity or adoption leave. The funding supports the engagement of another researcher or research assistant to continue project activities while the primary researcher is on leave.


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