Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowships frequently asked questions

Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowships frequently asked questions

How to apply

  • Who can apply for a Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship?

    Applications are open to Queensland agencies that employ teachers. The organisation nominates the proposed Fellow, who must be a registered and practicing Queensland teacher. The nominated teacher must work in an area of mutual interest with the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum that is aligned to one or more target investment areas (outlined in the Guidelines). Registered teachers from all grade levels (Prep – Year 12) can be considered for a fellowship.

  • What is the closing date for applications?

    Applications are closed. The closing date for Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship applications was 4 December 2018.

  • How do I apply for a Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship?

    Applications must be submitted online. The link to the application form is available on the SmartyGrants website. Applicants must:

    • complete an online application form
    • submit a scanned letter of endorsement from the school where the proposed Fellow works which confirms that the Fellow is a current, registered and practicing teacher in Queensland, and supports the proposed fellowship
    • submit a signed Financial Incentive Agreement declaration page (PDF, 149KB) (refer to Who signs the declaration page? The declaration must be signed by nominated Fellow and the applicant organisation.
  • Should the nominated Fellow’s curriculum vitaé (CV) or resumé be submitted with the application form?

    No. The nominated Fellow’s CV/resumé is not required, as all of the necessary information is provided in the application form.

  • Can the application be revised after submission?

    No, however applicants must advise the department of any changes that are likely to affect eligibility.

Available funding

  • How much funding is available per fellowship?

    Queensland Government funding of up to $20,000 (excluding GST) is available for one international trip for each Queensland-Cooper Hewitt fellowship. Fellows can travel for 8 to 12 weeks, and the duration of the travel determines the funding entitlement. Applicants do not have to apply for the maximum funding.

  • How many fellowships will be awarded?

    One Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship will be awarded per funding round.

  • How is the fellowship funding paid?

    The fellowship funding is paid to the applicant organisation, that is, the Department of Education and Training (state schools) or school body (private schools) that employs the Fellow.

  • What are the Queensland-Cooper Hewitt payment instalments?

    There are two payment instalments (excluding GST):

    • Payment 1: the total approved funding less $2000.
    • Payment 2: $2000 if applicable.
  • Does the fellowship cover the Fellow’s salary?

    No, the Fellow’s salary must be paid by the applicant organisation. Alternatively, the application must clearly outline how self-funded Fellows will support themselves while overseas.

  • What can the fellowship funding be used for?

    • $5000 (excluding GST) for international economy airfares and associated travel costs. This includes domestic travel costs to secure visas, and internal flights while in the USA (if applicable). The applicant organisation will be required to supply a financial acquittal statement for the travel component of the fellowship, and will have to return any unused funds.
    • $1250 per week (excluding GST) to cover the costs of living expenses. Funding is available for a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks duration ($15,000 maximum) for one international trip.
  • Is additional Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship funding available if the travel costs or living costs rise?

    No additional Queensland Government Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship funding is available per award. Any additional costs incurred must be borne by the Fellow and/or the applicant organisation.

  • Is the Fellow entitled to additional funding if the standard travel allowances in the applicant organisation exceed that of the fellowship award?

    The Fellow must negotiate any additional funding with the applicant organisation, if applicable.

Other conditions

  • Is there an obligation to acknowledge the Queensland Government’s funding support?

    Yes, the Recipient and Fellow will initially be asked to keep the details of the award confidential until the award is announced by the Queensland Government. Following the announcement of the award the Fellow will be able to publicly talk about the fellowship project, and attend media/promotion events if requested. The Queensland Government’s Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship funding must be acknowledged in all relevant published material, media releases and public statements.

  • What is a Financial Incentive Agreement?

    The Financial Incentive Agreement (FIA) is the legally binding document that outlines the conditions of the Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship, including the payment schedule and the reporting requirements. The FIA is comprised of the Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship application, the Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship financial incentive agreement terms and conditions (PDF, 217KB) (version 2018-19), and the Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship application guidelines (PDF, 73KB). The applicant organisation automatically signs the FIA by submitting a signed declaration page (PDF, 149KB) with the application form, but the FIA is not finalised until the Department of Environment and Science (DES) authorised officer signs a separate FIA execution page.

    Applicants must ensure that they have read, understand, and accept the Terms and Conditions prior to commencing an application for funding.

  • Who signs the declaration page?

    The Financial Incentive Agreement Terms and Conditions declaration page must be signed by the nominated Fellow and the authorised representative from the Applicant Organisation. The submission processes for state and non-state schools are as follows:


    1. Print the declaration page.
    2. The nominated Fellow signs the top section of the declaration page; scans the signed page (PDF) and emails it to the officer in the Applicant Organisation who is authorised to sign the declaration.
    3. The authorised officer in the Applicant Organisation signs the appropriate section of the declaration page; scans the fully signed page (PDF) and returns it to the nominated Fellow.
      NOTE: There is provision for authorised officers from both state and non-state Applicant Organisations to sign - please strike through the section that does not apply.
    4. The nominated Fellow uploads the scanned copy of the fully signed declaration page with the online application form.


    1. Print the declaration page.
    2. The nominated Fellow signs the top section of the declaration page; scans the signed page (PDF) and emails it to the Department of Education and Training (DET) for their delegate to sign. The scanned, signed page should be emailed to scholarships@det.qld.gov.au where it will be signed by the delegated DET officer.
    3. The authorised DET delegate signs the appropriate section of the declaration page; scans the fully signed page (PDF) and returns it to DES. The nominated Fellow does NOT upload the declaration page with the online application form.

Fellows from state schools

  • How do state school teachers find out about internal processes associated with the Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship?

    State school teachers can email scholarships@det.qld.gov.au to ask about Department of Education and Training (DET) processes for managing the fellowship, and for securing approval to travel overseas on the fellowship.

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