Tech bringing Australian critters to life

Fri, 12/06/2020 - 08:00

It’s no secret that Australia houses some of the most venomous critters on the planet. In fact, the most venomous spider known to mankind and 20 of the world’s most venomous snakes can be found right here in our backyards.

Whether this fascinates or frightens you, Critterpedia are putting this information to good use with their innovative platform that combines education and safety with modern technology.

Critterpedia are a female co-founded, Queensland company with a passion to enhance Queensland – and Australia’s – connection with wildlife.

Tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, their interactive platform uses a machine learning engine for automated species identification – meaning users can identify snakes and spiders, safely.

Critterpedia Co-Founder, Nic Scarce, said the Female Founders Mentor Match program has provided exceptional support to their business.

"The Female Founders program has provided incredible access to contacts and networks and has been an enormous support to our team,” Nic said.

“It has helped us pivot the original idea for Critterpedia as a product for the tourism industry, to a multi-faceted Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) platform.

“A platform that now incorporates exciting new technologies and provides information not only on snakes and spider species, but safety information such as bite first aid, awareness and other safety and behaviour-related education.

“As work progresses on training the AI that supports the Critterpedia platform, my Co-founder husband and I have plans to become a trusted resource for businesses, governments and visitors who need information relating to the myriad of Australian snakes and spiders.”

See the Female Founders webpage for more information about this Advance Queensland program.

Last updated 03 Jul, 2020
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