SparkPlug 2 - Circular Economy

The Queensland Government sought applications from organisations with innovative circular economy solutions which could create new value for Queenslanders.

Applications for the second SparkPlug event have now closed. SparkPlug 2: Circular Economy focused on solutions available in circular economy from Queensland startups and SMEs. For the purpose of this event, Circular Economy was defined as:  

‘Circular economy approaches involve maintaining more value in products, components and materials by designing out waste, keeping materials in use and rebuilding natural capital. They expand on traditional sustainability approaches by setting a shared vision of an economic system that can work for business and the environment.’ 

The Queensland Government sought applications from organisations with innovative circular economy solutions which could create new value for Queenslanders, under the following priority areas only:

  • advanced manufacturing and re-manufacturing 
  • agriculture and food 
  • biofutures 
  • biomedical 
  • energy 
  • infrastructure and building  
  • tourism.

Applications were prepared for a broad audience in mind. Applicants were advised to consider how their solution could be of benefit to multiple Queensland Government departments or service areas.

Event – SparkPlug 2: Circular Economy

SparkPlug 2: Circular Economy shortlisted five finalists who presented their ideas at the SparkPlug 2 event on 15 November 2019.

BlockTexx: Multi-fibre textile recycling
Technology that separates polyester and cotton materials such as clothes, sheets and towels of any colour or condition back into their high value raw materials for reuse as new products for domestic consumption or export.

ReGen Plastics: Regenerated plastic into long term building materials
Use of recycled material to manufacture twin wall panels that can be used for non-structural applications from walls, fencing, sound barriers, benches, planter boxes and garden edging.

Save Our Supplies: Repurposing unused medical waste to reduce landfill and assist developing countries
Collection of unused medical supplies from hospitals that would otherwise have been destined to become landfill. These supplies are repacked, re-purposed and sent to developing nations where they are much needed, and used to improve the quality of health and surgical care in those countries.

Synengco: Dynamic baselining and energy optimisation in government infrastructure
Award-winning artificial intelligence and digital twin platform SentientSystem that identifies government infrastructure with the best opportunity for energy efficiency improvement via a dynamic baselining process.

World’s Biggest Garage Sale: Commercialising the circular economy through the activation of dormant goods for good
Recovery of resources at end of first life through the activation of dormant goods for good. Intercepting products proactively to avoid the throw out activity occurring. World’s Biggest Garage Sale designs solutions to execute on circular economy principles by sourcing materials and ensuring they re-enter the economy through a purpose led strategy.


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