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Vision sourcing

Problem statement

CCTV footage is an underutilised resource in our community. An opportunity exists for the QPS to enhance the manner in which it engages with the Queensland community regarding CCTV locations and the subsequent access to the footage required for investigations and court proceedings.

A central repository of CCTV camera locations and capability would enhance community safety by assisting police in the timely investigation of offences. An ability to remotely access CCTV evidence would alleviate police having to physically collect footage effectively providing increased police availability for other priority frontline responses.

Remote access to CCTV footage could also enhance QPS capability to respond in real time to critical incidents and potential threats to national security.

Overview of the problem

CCTV footage currently collected by police could be used to a greater capacity.

Locating and accessing CCTV footage is resource intensive. Availability of CCTV evidence is generally located via door knocks after an offence has occurred. CCTV locations are not centrally recorded, resulting in duplication of effort when offences occur in and around the same locations.

Ability to remotely access live feed and stored CCTV footage will enhance situational awareness during critical incidents and will reduce time and effort on physical collection.

The challenge is to create a state-wide CCTV database to record CCTV locations to assist investigators in gathering evidence to solve crime.

The availability of this data on a mobile application would provide frontline officers with timely information on the location of CCTV cameras in the vicinity of reported offences.

If a live feed was able to be accessed on a mobile device (or at a police operations centre) it would provide incident commanders with enhanced situational awareness without officers having to be in ‘line-of-sight’ of high risk offenders.

There are opportunities to integrate other information and incorporate future technology in such a solution.

Opportunity for applicants

The Testing Within Government (TWiG) Program aims to help Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to improve the positioning of their products for government and large enterprise markets by working collaboratively with Queensland Government on a range of problems.

Applicants are invited to propose ICT solutions to these problems, and if selected, receive funding to test their product in collaboration with Queensland Government.

Being selected as part of the program will offer the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and experience improving the potential to access broader commercial opportunities in Queensland, Australia and abroad.

At the end of the program, the applicants will have an opportunity to showcase their products and their TWiG program experience to a wide group of government representatives, which could lead to a procurement activity in Queensland Government.

Why is it important

Enhances the safety and security of Queensland by harnessing an existing resource to detect and solve crime. Releases QPS resources from manual and repetitive tasks to focus on priority frontline responses. Enhances the safety of first responders.

Problem context

The customer

  • Queensland Police Service
  • Queensland community
  • Emergency services
  • Other government departments

How the problem is currently being solved

Ad hoc methods across the state. Some information stored on multiple databases. Limited access to live feeds via city safe cameras.

Technical constraints

  • Offered as a service
  • Internet/mobile accessible
  • Integration with some QPS systems.
  • Multiple and varied donor systems for CCTV sites.
  • Security of system and data stored.

Benefits sought

  • Enhances police capability in the timely investigation and solving of crime.
  • Increased visibility of CCTV locations across Queensland.
  • Officer hours saved through remote access and download (with permission of owners) of CCTV evidence.
  • Increased safety and situational awareness with live-feed capability where donor CCTV systems are compatible

Download the vision sourcing (PDF, 224KB) problem statement.

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5 April, 2017

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