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Digital asset management

Problem statement

The Department of State Development (DSD) is seeking a solution to effectively manage its growing collection of images, illustrations, vectors, videos and other digital assets. This would need to include an ability to bulk upload, track digital asset utilisation, metadata assignment, and store large files (including raw video) in a secure environment.

It also needs to incorporate mobility factors to support our mobile workforce, and be software as a service. There is a potential to incorporate machine learning to assist in managing, sorting, and labelling these digital asset libraries.

The issue of digital asset management is not unique to DSD as other agencies have expressed an interest in seeking solutions in this space.

Overview of the problem

The Testing Within Government (TWiG) Program aims to help Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to improve the positioning of their products for government and large enterprise markets by working collaboratively with Queensland Government on a range of problems.

Applicants are invited to propose ICT solutions to these problems, and if selected, receive funding to test their product in collaboration with Queensland Government.

Being selected as part of the program will offer the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and experience improving the potential to access broader commercial opportunities in Queensland, Australia and abroad.

At the end of the program, the applicants will have an opportunity to showcase their products and their TWiG program experience to a wide group of government representatives, which could lead to a procurement activity in Queensland Government.

Why is it important

DSD is a heavy user of digital assets and this will only increase over time as images, illustrations, vectors, videos and other digital asset collections grow.

The risk of not establishing an enterprise wide solution exposes the department to copyright issues, data loss and under-utilisation of our digital assets and further limits our capability to leverage the resource across government.

Problem context

The customer

  • Queensland agencies.

How the problem is currently being solved

DSD have pulled together a file based solution that requires a lot of manual handling and does not track image/asset management. Meta data cannot be assigned easily to the current solution and it is not scalable or shareable without introducing increased risk. Manageability is becoming increasingly difficult as file count increases.

Technical constraints

Offered as a service

DSD follows the Queensland Government Information Security Classification Framework (QGISCF). This framework has been developed to align with the following Queensland Government legislation and regulation, Australian Government standards, Australian Standards, and Queensland Government ICT strategy and policy. The solution must be compliant with the QGISCF.

Benefits sought

  • Ability to share the digital assets with other agencies.
  • Automatically generating metadata for the digital assets potentially incorporating machine learning capability to assist with the easy management and sorting of digital asset libraries.

Download the digital asset management (PDF, 133KB) problem statement.

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5 April, 2017

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